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    the props against the wall of the church are to counteract the weight of the roof from pushing the walls apart.This is not required on a building with flat ceilings or plenty of horizontal ties from wall to wall.However most churches just have the high vaulted ceilings so some other method must be used.Enter the Buttress or in this case a flying buttress.Now that you have seen this you will notice other bracing systems are often used on those big raking roofs
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    Yeah, Good Effort! I can think of friskier 250's to be attempting 1,00km on.
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    An excellent effort on a lil 250! When you consider the lack of wind protection, ease of capacity etc, it's definitely harder on a small bike. I think I'll stick with my 1000cc+ bike

    Well done
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    Thank you. I very much enjoyed your ride report. I think you and your bike put in a fantastic effort.
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    I have asked the Mods' to clean up this blog. I wrote the report in my ride reports, then clicked on 'post as a blog'. now I can't get rid of the quote framework. Also, I posted a photo twice, which I have corrected in my ride report. Am expecting my 2nd growl after doing this once before.

    Geez! I changed the photo and got rid of the quote wraps. What a clever sod (I think)
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    good effort Arthur its generally the last 300km that seems the longest to cover on any given day, sounds like the "Little bike " did well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strumpet
    Awesome blog. Realy enjoyed it - thanks for sharing. How's ya bum - numb, I bet!!!

    Numb bum? nah the scooter seat is no worse than any motorbike I've owned, and infact, better than most. Plus which, with re fueling every 120k or so, and stopping to take photos etc,I dont stay seated for any long spells.
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    Awesome blog. Realy enjoyed it - thanks for sharing. How's ya bum - numb, I bet!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWST?
    34 litres per k? i would look at the carby mate!.Well done this is the sort of mission i like!
    Ya dont get 6hp outa an engine without it costing. But 34 l per k is a bit too much.

    Doesn't matter how many times I've proof read this, there's always something to over look.

    Have re written the fuel consumption figures. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    34 litres per k? i would look at the carby mate!.Well done this is the sort of mission i like!
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    Top effort dude! I wouldn't do that road on a scooter! (I wouldn't do an open road on a scooter haha).

    I thought about taking the motard out that way. I've done the Kawhia-Waitomo loop several times but never taken the gravel way.

    I have done the gravel road from SH22 to raglan (other side of the bay from Raglan town). 40 odd km of gravel, makes you feel accomplished reaching the end and seeing a view not many others will bother to see.
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    A good story ... thanks. Carrington Road is a good ride, as is much of the Taranaki area and all made more interesting with family the connections we all have with the area.
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    Good on you and Buggsy. Sounds like you had a great time.
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    Touring on a scooter, got to admire that! Good read too .
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    I hope the "billit" was the Hilton. Doing those Km's on 50cc, you deserve it. Sounded like you had fun though.
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    That's quite an epic ride on a scooter. I might have to stick that on the bucket list.