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  1. What are these graphics/titles on my posts?

    What is the "L-Plate Rider", "Scooter boy", etc under my name?.
    It is a user title which graduates the more you post. Once you reach the status of Senior Member, you are able to define your own user title.

    What are the small stars/graphics under my name?
    These are graphical user ranks which also graduate and increase in number the more your post.
    They start with silver stars
    then change to gold stars at 200 posts
    then change to a rainbow at 1000 ...
    Posting , Reputation
  2. Posting and you.

    This site is made up of different content types where you can post messages.

    The main types are: Posts (Threads), Entries (Blogs), Article Comments (CMS), Group Messages (Social Groups), Events (Calendar) & Ads (Bike Trader).
    Lesser types are: Visitor messages (Profiles) & Picture Comments (Albums).

    For now only posting in threads increases your post count and only if you post in a Motorcycle forum. Posting in non motorcycle forums like Off Topic will not add ...