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Site Software/Hardware.

  1. Site server requirements and costs

    Many people have asked about the cost of running this site. Also many others have offered to help host it and wanted to know what it required. So here are the details.

    I run two sites on this server. Kiwi Biker & SV Portal.

    Last updated: 11/01/2010

    The cost:
    Current server is with MegaNetServ: Setup $40US, Monthly fee $119US

    vBulletin license: $30US/year for each site. domain cost: $35NZ/year ...
  2. Kiwi Biker Mailing Lists

    To help keep everyone informed about any protest actions against the ACC Levies, I have brought Email Marketing software from ActiveCampaign. The software allows you to easily unsubscribe from it's mailing lists, so we can send emails about any related event/info without worrying about annoying people.

    Non Kiwi Biker members can sign up to it's mailing lists without having to register with KB by visiting the following URL. Previous mail outs can also be viewed here.