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  1. Update

    The ZXRD400 has been to Ruapuna, Taupo and Manfeild with various 'success' values.

    Ruapuna was its first Race meeting and a lot was done on the Friday test day to get it working. Much thanks to Bert, Crazyman and the other GPR boys and Leigh for the running around. Chenged the brakes, forks settings and other stuff. Overall it seemed to go OK.

    Taupo was the next Race meeting. This wasn't sp good as the slower corners showed a serious part throttle issue. Also the bike ...
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  2. It runs

    Successful day testing the ZXRD400 at Manfeild yesterday. I pushed it up pit lane a lot which lead people to believe I had problems but I was doing plug chops and it didn't roll far enough.
    It sorta, almost, nearly nipped once as it wasn't right when running off the main. Stopped once due to an electrical fault that cut power to the Ignitech. Had so help sorting that so it didn't happen again.
    We ended up changing main jets, pilot jets (thanks Murray Cross for going home and getting ...
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  3. Just to prove it lives...

  4. ZXRD400 rebuild

    The 400 has been rebuilt and tested and some problems were found. I decided a complete strip and reassembly was the best idea.
    A thorough check and test of every step lead to the conclusion that the engine itself is fine. No air at all.
    The carbs however were a different story. I did a LOT of research into the carbs and discovered that there isn't a lot of places to find the information required to check everything.
    When I did find the info it pointed to the reasons for it ...
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  5. Race Debut... or not.

    The Race debut of the ZXRD400 didn't happen.
    Something is not right with the tuning and I'm going to do a bit of testing once the damage is repaired.
    Oh yes, the damage…
    Practice Day. First session it was very rich so I went from the 220mj to the 210mj. I only did an 'out lap' and an 'in lap' (so one full lap and some).
    Second session. 'Out lap' it felt better straight away but I decided to come in to check it over. It had other ideas and it seized on me going into ...
  6. Revised the carburation

    I've been given a couple of VM28 carbs from an RD400. All the standard jets etc in place so it was an easy job of cleaning them up and inserting the 'baseline' jets and needles.
    I've remade a couple of parts I wasn't 100% happy with and added the tailpiece and hugger. Also added is the top fairing bracket with will hold the number board for now.
    A change has been made to the gearing so we'll see the results soon.
    Next time out will be PMCC Track day on the 12th of Jan at Manfeild. ...
  7. First Run

    I took the bike to the Vic Club Track Day to have a go at tuning it. Static tuning seemed pretty good. Idled well and reved cleanly etc. Not that it means much in the real world.
    Anyway, first session I well out fairly cautious as I didn't know how anything was going to interact.
    A big of bogging at lower revs exiting turn 1 that dipping the clutch took care of and away she went though turn 2 and into splash. I now had three things to sort.
    1. the fuelling (bogging)
    2. ...
  8. Delay

    I finally got an opportunity to get the 400 on the Dyno. As it was days after a two day race meeting I wasn't really ready. The bike was though. So, with a sore throat, aching ears and head, I loaded the bike, toolbox and laptop into the van and headed to the Dyno.

    Rich had first go with his Bucket setting up a base run. I watched his HP figures and secretly hoped the 400 would at least get the same figure...

    Rolled the ZXRD onto the Dyno and kicked it into life. Well, ...
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