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  1. Blackbird's Avatar
    Yep, I've had one since doing the Southern Cross round NZ ride a few years back, not for insane speeds but mainly for overtakes when "making progress" a wee bit above the open road speed limit. Doesn't mean you're public enemy no 1 by owning one, eh? Seems to be particularly useful for warnings about camera vans now that the authorities use all sorts of vans. Should transfer it to the car - failed to spot a van at Kawakawa Bay just before Christmas. 55km/hr in a 50 limit and $30. First infringement for years.
  2. pritch's Avatar
    Somebody once commented that the bike has every electrical accessory known to man. Not true but...

    All four bikes had the detector following a couple of minor speeding infringements that only involved minor money but carried points.
  3. Blackbird's Avatar
    Excellent Ron, very nice analysis. Sorry that you won't be joining the Street Triple ranks. Mine has now done 60k and has run flawlessly. Just fitted a new shock.

    Errr..... I think I spot a radar detector on your Triple. What does a retired old guy want with one of those?
  4. Swoop's Avatar
    Damn good write-up Pritch!
  5. insomnia01's Avatar
    a pleasure to read
  6. unstuck's Avatar
    Great read, cheers for taking the time.