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  1. MOSFET regulator/rectifier on a Honda CB1000R Predator

    The regulator/rectifier terminated itself on my bike (Honda CB1000R Predator). It also damaged the battery so that it was unable to hold a charge. It's the second bike I have owned that this has happened to.

    I went down to the local Honda parts dealer. I don't know why, but I assumed since they were such a common part they would be readily available in the country. I was really hoping to get the bike going again, so when I was told that it would takes 2 weeks and it would come ...
  2. What size road bike should I buy (or should I buy a 1000cc bike)?

    I've come to realise if you ask this question then your approaching the problem from the wrong angle.

    There is something known as the man-machine interface. The basic concept is that your sensory experiences can be extended by tools.

    For example, while operating a hammer your senses can extend to where the face of the hammer strikes the nail. You don't think of how you operate your hand, but instead of how the hammer will strike. Once your interface has extended ...
  3. Early morning ride

    Went for an early morning ride this morning.

    It was really foggy, and I could see a layer of frost over the lawn. I was thinking there may be thin patches of ice on the road as a result.
    I wondered why the fuck I was going for a ride, and then I remembered, I really like riding.

    Anyway I set off, and then something unusual happened. The *outside* of my visor misted up. I had to give the outside a wipe a few times. I have a pinlock visor, and although it did ...
  4. Family Court

    After my ex unilaterally changed the care arrangements of my children (effectively substantially reducing my time with them) I had to wait 14 months to get a date at the North Shore Family court. Then 30 minutes before court starts she effectively relents on her position agreeing to restore the prior arrangement, so that when we actually enter court all we can say is the matter is now settled.
    We had attended numerous mediation sessions. In one of them attended by a Judge she even admitted ...
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  5. AMCC Riding Training and Weekend riding

    I went for a ride yesterday with serveral friends starting on the North Shore of Auckland, out to Kaukapa and then SH16 up to SH1 and back again.

    We stopped off at Warkworth for a coffee, and arrived just in time to see a restored ship being given its maiden voyage. It looked like the whole township had turned out.

    Then we stopped off at the Puhoi pub for a drink. About 10 minutes later a guy started playing the bag pipes in what looked like a full formal garb. I'm ...
  6. CBR250RR -> CBR600F4

    I've been riding 250cc bikes for a while now (5 to 10 years) with a break in between while I had a family with the wife (who didn't like me riding). I should say former wife, and with that problem gone, I'm fully back into riding again.

    This year I finally decided to move up to a 600CC bike. OMG, what a difference. My CBR250RR was fun, but the CBR600 is incredible by comparison.

    For some reason I lost a lot of confidence in my riding abilities when I moved up a bike ...