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Survival Skills

What is needed to stay alive on two wheels

  1. Car driving skills don't convert to motorcycle road riding skills

    You often hear new riders who are experienced car drivers complaining that they have to go through the full licence process to get a motorcycle licence. Their primary argument is that their years of car driving experience transfers across to riding a motorcycle, so they should be able to get to a full licence in a shorter period of time.

    My personal opinion is that riding a motorcycle requires a different set of skills to driving a car, and that the dangers experienced riding a motorcycle ...
  2. L Plates - They're just a sign

    The topic of L Plates comes up frequently, predominately about weather complying with the learner licence conditions and using the L plate increase the danger of the rider on the road.

    The best place to start is by considering why we have L plates, and what they aim to do.

    When the majority of people first start riding a motorcycle they will have little or no machine handling skills. This includes basic but critical abilities such as counter-steering, emergency braking, ...
  3. Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet


    Rather like emergency braking, a discussion on helmets can be like a discussion on religion. People often take polarised views. Unlike emergency braking you don't really want to practice coming off your bike and having head impacts to test which is the best kind of helmet for you.

    So short of repeated practical experience you have to learn a little bit about helmets to help you make a choice that is only like to be tested once.

    One thing you'll notice ...
  4. Motorcycle Emergency Braking

    Emergency Braking is a contentious discussion topic. Many people have different views - and often they are all right - in certain circumstances. Often views vary from country to country as different methods are taught, and people like to (rightly or wrongly) defend what they have learnt and practised over the years.

    What is emergency braking?
    Emergency braking is the act of bringing a motorbike to a complete halt in the minimum amount of distance.


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