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General Bike Maintenance

Bike servicing, rebuilding, restoring, manuals, etc..

  1. Honda CBR600 with stuck throttle when turning right

    I regularly attend NASS, and one of the things I have been poor at is slow full lock turns. Recently it felt like I have been getting worse, not better.

    At a recent session I noticed I can do left full lock turns much better than I can do right full lock turns. Which got me wondering if it might not just be me.

    So for an experiment, while the bike was stationery, I tried holding the throttle open a little bit against the bar end, so that I was confident that the throttle ...
  2. Fitting Oxford HotGrips

    With another winter approaching and my woman complaining of my freezing cold hands after each ride (which I was sure to rush in when finished riding, rip my gloves off, and promptly place on her nice warm stomach) I decided it was time to look at the options available.

    I have very limited mechanical abilities myself (to help you place your skills alongside mine if you’re going to do this yourself). But I have a lot of patience and perseverance and I try not to let the fear ...
  3. My first time servicing a bike

    Well I decided to take the plunge and start doing simple servicing on my bike, a Honda CBR600.

    The first step was laying my hands on a service manual. This tells you what needs to be done when. The Honda manual also identified stuff by difficulty, so I've decided I'm going to start doing the basic stuff, and only use a bike mechanic for those difficult jobs, or those jobs requiring expensive specialist tools.

    So this weekend I set about changing the oil and oil filter. ...