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  1. MOTO-NZ finally come up with something for all our money

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    Suggest all you like Steve you have shown us all you want is to suck my cock so we have all seen that you are merely a gay/bi stalker who wants to drink ginga cum.... issue resolved your credibility = 0
    No wonder BRONZ and MOTO-NZ gave you the arse.

    Fucking retard.
    Fact - resigned fromn bronz no arese involved (whatever you may want to fantasize about to wank to faggot)

    Fact- moto nz is one of the issues you can never understand coz your ...
  2. Love/Hate Ducati ownership

    I've written about my love/hate relationship with the Ducati before, but it has reached epic proportions this time.

    Bike has 33,567kms on the clock.
    It is due a chain and sprockets, but thats not the kicker.
    It has had its starter rebuilt (yet only 32k when it was done? shit!) but I have been told that the high compression makes these motors harder on the starter to turn over.

    Now I love this bike to bits, even though I have tried selling it twice, I end ...
  3. Downsizing

    Don't ya hate selling a bike you love?
    Even if for the right reasons......... you still hate to part with em.
    I hated parting with my SS750, but it was useless two-up.
    I hated parting with the 600F I traded on my GSXR but ... I had to.
    Now I am selling my Super Duke, because face it, it is way surplus to requirements.
    Had a lot of fun on it though! As has Kelly and the kids when I have taken any of them out on it. And the wheelies....oh the wheelies.
  4. Time

    It is so easy to give away your precious time to everyone but yourself. How many of us know this, yet ignore the signs and battle on anyway? Do we realise the cost we impose on ourselves?

    We work, eat, sleep and recycle the pattern...thatís how my last 2 years have been anyway.
    And now itís my time. Time for me to be myself and not have to care what anyone thinks of my comments, or what my statements may mean, time that I can no longer care if anyone misinterprets my attempts ...
  5. My own Mission Impossible

    Ok...lets sort this out once and for all.
    MSL, how I got involved, and what it is, what it means.

    In light of recent events and in the interest of setting a few records straight, I decided to blog the course of history that lead me to be on the ACC MSL Safety Council.

    You all know I was involved with BIKEOI, and thats effectively where my involvment began.
    BRONZ Wellington opened, and grew, and started to get attention from TPTB

    Foxzee called ...
  6. 364 days on ...

    Well tomorrow is the anniversary of the BIKEOI

    Many of the forum members at this time last year were heading for Wellington with a firey message for Nick
    Its been an interesting 364 days I must say.

    BRONZ Wellington opened in the backbencher that day after we shouted Bullshit at TPTB, and I got wiped out drunk at the parrot n Jigger after with much assistance many persons both known and unknown to me.

    BRONZ Wellington set a 3 year plan...nailed ...
  7. Sigh... bloody Ducati servicing

    Well, after my last blog entry Sissy the ST4 has had very little use (by my standards anyway) having only moved 2,600kms since her 'valve check' was done, oil filters tune blah blah.

    On a run over the Pahiatua Track yesterday we noticed a few fresh spots under the bike, and a big black drip hanging off the paddock stand mount.
    Having asked my 'regular' service agent to look into this issue before, (twice no less) and being told it was 'chain splatter, its nothing of concern' ...
  8. Fully serviced, time to ride!

    I often ask mechanics and other 'knowledgable' folk what REALLY happens if you dont service the Ducati at the intervals they reccomend.

    So the ST4 was just shy her next valve service, but was running pretty horrid, just felt gutless, sounded rattly (more so than usual) and seemed to be using oil faster than I would have expected for a healthy motor.
    Biting the bullet (and extending the overdraft) I booked her in for the BIG one, and lo and behold got informed my valves were ...
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