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Gremlin's Tall Stories

Handy thing these blogs, put a post on each ride so you can look back a few years later... lets see how this blogs thing works out. Some adventures masquerading as servicing aka working on bikes may also occur between rides.

  1. Raglan to Kawhia – Exploring (31/12/2015)

    Well I never got as far as Kawhia, but I digress when the blog has barely begun.

    The plan was to base myself out of Raglan for Christmas-New Year break, tracking all the roads for accuracy for the open source maps and generally enjoy going down every road and see where it took me. Raglan to Kawhia would normally take around 1-1.5 hours and about 50km, with a lot of that being gravel and slow going – especially if a graded had just been through.

    I’ve only done the route ...