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Survival Skills

What is needed to stay alive on two wheels

  1. IAM Observer Test (10/07/2014)

    If Ifs and Ans were pots and pans, then Id have a whole pile more blog posts than I do. Suffice to say my blogging has been crap in the last year or so.

    I blogged my IAM Initial Assessment round April 2012, a monthly ride in May 2012, and then nothing, so I should probably update you on that. Around May/June 2013 I passed the IAM Advanced Test, making myself a full member. In August/September I was part of the 2013 Trainee Observer intake, essentially, right back into being ...
  2. IAM Initial Assessment Ride (29/04/2012)

    The alarm rings at 8am and I'm not exactly jumping to my feet. Not feeling particularly excited either, but nevertheless, after snoozing the alarm for 10 minutes I got up and had some breakfast and got ready. Out the door just after 9am in slightly questionable conditions I made my way out to Westgate.

    Following on from my blog about having a session with Tricia at Roadcraft School of Motoring, it was now time to start the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) course: ...
  3. Advanced Rider Training Session with Tricia (24/03/2012)

    Its been a while in the making but after making this blog: I found out about IAM ( and started on a campaign to improve my riding.

    With the mileage I do Im sure my riding isnt completely hopeless, but I do believe in being the best you can be. I did a lot of visiting YouTube, searching for IAM and the British bikers in action, especially the ...
  4. A biker gets his hands on 4 wheels (20/11/2011)

    I know, an unusual blog for a biker (especially one with only a L plate for cars), but it involves other bikers, so why not?

    So the reason for needing to get south after the Learner Ride to Cape Reinga was Wanpos birthday celebration. Hed invited a bunch of his mates for a bit of karting, and despite being slightly worried (those who have been on KB for a while will know bikers and karting are an interesting mix) who really cares? Its not like I own those karts (in hindsight, this ...
  5. Buying stuff youll hopefully never need (29/09/2011)

    Yeup, you read that right. Over the last couple of weeks Ive been on a bit of a bent about survival and rider training.

    Ages ago GiJoe had mentioned first aid kits and that sort of thing and I had shrugged it off. Since preparing for the GC last year I have been thinking of it more, especially when I had a few close shaves with cars on some runs, or helping people broken down in the middle of nowhere. Then Katiepie had her incident and it was a further reminder that I really should ...
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  6. First SASS Practice (28/09/2011)

    Standing for the South Auckland Street Skills (, its about practising your skills safely in a car park. Nope, not wheelies and what not, its more slow speed handling and braking. Free to come along and enjoy the practising, its opposite the Manukau Central Police Station every Wednesday check out the thread.

    Id been to the one two weeks previous, but it was cold and rain threatening, so we headed ...