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All about the best thing in life... riding!

  1. Raglan to Kawhia – Exploring (31/12/2015)

    Well I never got as far as Kawhia, but I digress when the blog has barely begun.

    The plan was to base myself out of Raglan for Christmas-New Year break, tracking all the roads for accuracy for the open source maps and generally enjoy going down every road and see where it took me. Raglan to Kawhia would normally take around 1-1.5 hours and about 50km, with a lot of that being gravel and slow going – especially if a graded had just been through.

    I’ve only done the route ...
  2. 10 Years On

    I joined KiwiBiker in late March 2005 as I researched motorbikes and the forum kept coming up in results. Member #2710. In early May (first few days) I gained my Class 6 Learners and so started my passion for motorcycling. Yesterday I realised that in the next few days a decade will be reached and passed… time has flown by.

    Shortly after gaining my learners I picked up a ZZR250 from TradeMe, crashed and not road legal for just under $1500. I bought a new top fairing and other parts ...
  3. IAM Observer Test (10/07/2014)

    If If’s and An’s were pots and pans, then I’d have a whole pile more blog posts than I do. Suffice to say my blogging has been crap in the last year or so.

    I blogged my IAM Initial Assessment round April 2012, a monthly ride in May 2012, and then nothing, so I should probably update you on that. Around May/June 2013 I passed the IAM Advanced Test, making myself a full member. In August/September I was part of the 2013 Trainee Observer intake, essentially, right back into being ...
  4. 2012 KB Gathering - Sunday/Monday (03-04/06/2012)


    Up at 0700, no-one had really discussed what time we should be getting up in our room, but it seemed everyone liked the time and ran with it. I had a breakfast of Countdown supplies and most of us were ready to go before Qkkid had even surfaced… slow bugger! He tried revising what time he had said, but none of us were having it.

    Before heading out I headed around the corner to get gas then returned and everyone was ready to go. Mplant was joining us for the day’s ...
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  5. 2012 KB Gathering - Saturday (02/06/2012)


    Last year I’d had to skip the Gathering as I was mid prep for my USA Trip and my bike was somewhere on the ocean anyway. This year there were no such problems, so why not catch up with a few folk I don’t often see.

    We met at the BP Papakura Autobahn… for once, I was actually early, around 0815, with barely a soul in sight. GiJoe came out of hiding in the shops, but declared he only had a daytime leave pass, so would return to Auckland some time during the day. ...
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  6. IAM May Monthly Ride (27/05/2012)

    Setting the alarm for 0800 didn’t exactly work, eventually realising I’d lost half an hour already and I better hurry up! Had breakfast, got geared up, chucked odds and ends into the panniers and off to Westgate. I left home at 0915, one stop for some gas and I got to Riderskills HQ around 0950.

    Everyone was already there, including Sharry, who was now curious about IAM, after speaking to me. Hehe, always fun bringing in fresh victims. A quick catch up some of the guys, and ...
  7. IAM Initial Assessment Ride (29/04/2012)

    The alarm rings at 8am and I'm not exactly jumping to my feet. Not feeling particularly excited either, but nevertheless, after snoozing the alarm for 10 minutes I got up and had some breakfast and got ready. Out the door just after 9am in slightly questionable conditions I made my way out to Westgate.

    Following on from my blog about having a session with Tricia at Roadcraft School of Motoring, it was now time to start the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) course: ...
  8. ANZAC Day Ride to Opononi (25/04/2012)

    A blast from the past required an alarm 0630. Yep… public holiday and up at some crazy time. NinjaNanna had organised a ride that had seen an excellent uptake from the old crew, most of which I hadn’t ridden with for years, so as the popularity grew, it became more obvious that ya simply had to be there!

    I tried to get Zapf along, almost successful bar his girlfriend’s neck playing up on the morning, so he was a non-starter and GiJoe never seemed interested enough. I left home just ...
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