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Im working out what a blog is lol.

  1. Roadrage with Skidmark

    You wake up and think its a lovely sunny summers day. Great lets go for a ride, hmm who to go with not much of a choice as I didnt really know many bikers. I arranged to meet Phoenix, and Skidmark *(didnt know what his reputation was like on KB at that point as I was a newbie)*

    We left Akl and the destination was Kaiaua. Both them were on ZXR 250s and I was on my ZX6R. Great I had the upper hand and power hahaha!
    Anyway, Mark left me for dust, as I didnt know the roads, and ...
  2. The Blog

    *scratches head* - thinking of a topic to write about.

    Ok so bikes will be a good way to start this off I got into bikes.

    Prior to the dream of owning a bike the ride on mower was the way to go. After I realised what the turtle and rabbit symbols ment on the mower it was time to try it out. Grew up on a farm so riding this 4 wheel beast at max speed was still a real snail pace. And managed to crash it into the grapevine.

    My brother and I made ...
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