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  1. chrono.bender's Avatar
    Very good service and nice people.
    Got two new tires for my Ninja.
    Took just under an hour

    1 x Bridgestone 110x70x17 B45F - $175.00
    1 x Bridgestone 130x70x17 B45R - $240.00

    Fitted and aligned included with the purchase

    No discount from this sale.
    Would recommend asking what is included int the sale beforehand,
    as I made the mistake of going out specifically because of the sale but forgot to ask about the the tires I was getting first which came with the response "Only select items".
  2. SimonnomiS's Avatar

    I have purchased an insurance write-off and was wondering if you have someone certified to complete the pre compliance test? The one where they check for frame damage etc.

  3. Anthony Wright's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by unstuck
    Can you do me one online?
    Sure no prob just flick us your credit card details. Jokes; you will need to ride down to 257 Great sth road Drury.
  4. Anthony Wright's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nodrog
    WTF? KB wofs?
    At Dpc in Drury
  5. unstuck's Avatar
    Can you do me one online?
  6. nodrog's Avatar
    WTF? KB wofs?
  7. caseye's Avatar
    Watch out for that PHatt Maxx character aye Anthony, he's another mad MAG-NZ'er and a P.O.M.M.E to boot.
    But he's ours and we love him to bits.
    Anthony, yes a ride for Aria and thank you in advance for the help you have offered.
    I'm going to be the fella doing this one so I'd like to get together soon and get it under way before we run out of good weather.
  8. Anthony Wright's Avatar
    Neil Walker and i go way back he truely is a good man, He is as keen as, even though he has a hang of a way too travel too work.
    Appreciate your comment and look forward to doing another event with MAGNZ.
    Sweet as , spot ya at DPC Anthony
  9. hellokitty's Avatar
    Hey, you don't know me, I was at the MAG launch - a good mate of ours has recently started working for you, his name in Neil no doubt my husband and I will be buying tyres off you in the near future.
  10. Anthony Wright's Avatar
    Appreciate the Business, look forward to doing another event with MAGNZ, just yesterday i went onto our website and went into 2010 past events and watched the video clips of MAGNZ launch at our tyre shop what a fantastic day.
    Can you please find out if you guys are still keen to do a charity ride for Aria Mcdonald if so let me know as i will help organise the run.
    Thanks Anthony
  11. caseye's Avatar
    Anthony Wright, how the hell are you mate.Nice to see you here in KB.
    I bought two tyres off Mike last month, oh and got the bike serviced, both bikes, both of the wifes bikes and yes you stickered em both.