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A Day to day blog for Qkchk and Qkkid

  1. Tin Cans

    So I got my ARROWS done - Defiantly louder than before, still getting my head around the sound. Dunno if its just me but I feel it does sound a bit 'tinny' - the fact that the guts is missing may have something to do with that......... However it has a significant 'Roar' over 7,000. Very nice, me likey.

    One thing I have really noticed is a slight increase of lower RPM torque. It revs more freely and the front wheel is feeling a bit lighter than ever before on traffic-light ...
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  2. Qkchk tinkers with her ARROWS

    As some of you know, I have a set of ARROWS pipes on my R1. I have replaced the pipes from the Cat converter back. On Tues, I am going to have some of the packing taken out the pipes to give me some much wanted nice noises'. (I hope) The stock pipes were almost as quiet as a Goldwing and the ARROWS have given me a bit more decibels (and a tiny wee bit more BHP) but it still not as loud as some other branded pipes..... why ARROWS? Cause I got them at a good price, so had no choice which brand. ...
  3. Continental Road Test

    Two thumbs Up!

    Qkkid tested the new rear tyre last night on the ATNR. The test grounds were at night in fine weather but it would be interesting to find out how well the tyre copes in hot weather/hard riding conditions (if the tread rips up/marbles etc). The fact he had only done 50kms on it before leading the pack, goes to show how sticky the tyre was already. Now the next tests will have to be in wet weather and also the longetivity of the tyre..........keep ya posted.
  4. Continental Tyres

    Got a new rear tyre fitted to Qkkid's ZX10R. The last one was that rooted the canvas was poking through. Went down to Motohouse (Saturn Pl, Albany) John did us a deal, got the tyre fitted on the bike all for $285. It's a Sport-Attack very similar grade to Pilot Powers so it will be interesting to see if they go the same distance. Once the front tyre gets down a bit more we'll put one on there........

    Qkkid will be testing/scrubbing in the new tyre tonight on the ATNR so I'll let ...
  5. Dad's Progress

    Just an update for Friends and Family:

    Dad is still seriously ill at the North Shore Hospice. Mum is doing really well keeping a bed-side presence and attending to his needs.

    We still don't know how much time he has, it could be a week it could be several months. The Doctors cannot put a timeline on his condition. However he is getting weaker by the day and does tend to sleep more each day partly due to the sedatives he is receiving (he gets anxoius when theres needles ...
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  6. Qkkid does his first Pillion

    Its been a while in the making......

    Every single time we have had to or decided to 2-up, I have always been the rider in control. However a milestone happened on Friday night, where I grit my teeth and let Qkkid take the reigns.

    To be honest I really enjoyed being a pillion! He did a great job, only a couple of small jabs in the ribs to remind him I'm on the back. To tell the truth it was the first time for me on the back seat of a sports bike looking ...
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  7. First-timer!

    Bit of a Virgin when it comes to blogging. There always has to be a first time........

    This blog will be used by myself and also Qkkid. I think the term 'The Qkkies' has stuck with us and Qkkid has since bought a personalised plate for our car "QKKIES" with underneth. Just doing our part to advertise the site.
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