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  1. Review: RJAY's "Stout" touring jacket.

    Being a larger guy, with a mag wheel and a long torso I find it REALLY hard to find a decent jacket. I had been using a CNELL jacket which fitted, but I "outgrew" it. Then I had a revit, which was WAY too short (no one wants to see my gut hanging out - and it was hellish uncomfortable).

    So I went to cycletreads to try on a bunch of jackets and get a better fit. I was looking for a dririder, but there was none. There were ICON and various other jackets in large sizes, which fitted, but ...
  2. A sort of Comparison: 1Tonne Modular helmet vs SHOEI Raid II

    I call this a "sort of" comparison, because the 2 helmets are quite dissimilar. However, I had my hands on both and thought it an interesting comparison between a $160 helmet and a $500 ish helmet.

    The 1Tonne modular helmet is my own, and I have been using it for about 2 years. The Shoei Raid is a friend who was unable to use it, so I thought I would test it out and see if I needed to upgrade. So.. my impressions were these:

    - service is good.
    - helmet ...