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Shane - Superlite (#43)

Mostly dedicated to keeping a record of my race bike projects and races so I don't forget things.

  1. The heads off ...

    We finally had a clear day where neither myself nor Brent had anything except working on bikes lined up. So I dropped the wife in town and headed out.

    Got there to find him mowing the lawns. We decided we'd head in to Big Bikes to see the mechanic, Neil, as he knows everything there is to know about working on Triumph's, Ducati's, Aprillia's etc, including race prepping and modifying them. Brent reckoned if there was anyone who'd know if there were any problems with the TT600 to watch ...
  2. Trini the Triumph (not THAT Trinny)

    So, it's been a while since I was on a bike regularly (like a year) so it was time to get the finger out and find myself another bike (my last one was stolen by scum).

    I'd been watching trademe for quite a while and this bike had come up about 3 months ago. I seriously considered it then but it sold to someone else. About 3 weeks ago it suddenly reappeared on trademe, this time as a non-runner because it'd dropped a valve and destroyed the right outside cylinder. I thought even more ...
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  3. The Trackday for Trackday Junkies

    So I decided to get my arse back onto the race track and try and get back the skills, knowledge and feel I'd lost from not riding regularly.

    First problem was getting a bike. After a bit of thinking and a couple of phone calls I asked Paul if I could hire/rent/whatever his 05 CBR600RR race bike for the day. He refused any payment for me using the bike for the day with the only condition being the standard you break it you fix/bought it. No problem with that at all as I wouldn't dream ...
  4. Not exactly a race report but ...

    So, Stevie boy fires me a text a couple of days out asking if I wanted a ride to the Cliffhanger. I was keen. I'd wanted to go this year but things conspired against me until he gave me a yell.

    Friday stright after work Megan drops me off at his place and we saddle up and start heading south. The plan was to get down there, check into the motel, get a good nights sleep and turn up looking a million dollars. What actually happened was we ended up passing the Mangatainoka Brewery after ...
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