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  1. Lessons and A Milestone Comes into View.

    Two weeks further on and finally feeling that the first milestone is just around the corner…having the bike registered and getting number plates!! :-)

    I’d been struggling to refit the gearbox to the bell-housing, not being able to centre everything just right for it to slide back together. So, using the dimensions given in my Haynes manual, Mace Engineering machined a tool to help centre ...
  2. Project Dream Beemer - Challenges

    God, it's the beginning of July already! Winter seems to have set in with dreary grey days on end and none of the exciting stuff like snow or electrical storms. In my last post Mike the auto-sparky had been for his second visit to rewire the bike and return it as much as possible to 'factory' wiring. The idea being to establish a known starting point and see what improvement, if any, it made to the way the bike was running. So...

    Re-connecting the fan and thermo-sensor seems to have ...
  3. Project Dream Beemer

    Hi, newish to this site...have started a record of the above project so here is a link

    I'll start posting future updates here as well :-)