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  1. NZ tour dates revised 10th Feb 2014

    Please follow the link to the latest event listings.

    Look forward to helping many riders gain a lot of knowledge and become better riders as a result.
  2. Dave Moss 2014 Tour dates in NZ - updates Jan 13th

    As of January 13th, this is the itinerary as it stands and there have been changes since the Jan 9th posting. This is subject to change but there will be only a couple of changes potentially made. Scroll to the bottom for Auckland information.

    Updated 14th January 2014 at 06:12 by davemosstuning (updates)

  3. 2014 dave Moss Tuning Tour of NZ

    The tour starts Jan 25th and ends March 3rd. There will be classes and seminars in several NZ cities including both Islands during this time span. Most of those events are already set.

    If you are nterested in hosting an event with your club, track day friends or race group? Contact "Super Sonic" on the forum or email him at

    We are also looking at putting on our own track school for suspension tuning skills, and the same school but a ...
  4. iPhone app launched

    It is with great pride that I can announce that we now have a Dave Moss Tuning phone app. It has been developed over the last few months with an enormous amount of work by several people to get the app to this stage. This is just the start, and over the next several months, content will be added on almost a daily basis and then weekly thereafter for years to come.

    It will really help further my mission in helping riders all over the world in our sport, creating more safety ...
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  5. Tire tec day 5


    This will be the last posting for the week on this topic. It has been a very comprehensive coverage of the basics without getting too technical, but sufficiently detailed to allow you to take this technical knowledge with you to your street, track or race bike. A personal thank you to everyone that took the time and good conscience to cut and paste the information into forums globally for the benefit of our community at large, so here’s the last ...
  6. Tire tech day 4

    Day 4: tire pressure affecting chassis balance

    No need to preach about carcass temps but let's take a closer look at the effects of pressure on the carcass. The cold pressure will ideally grow 5-7psi while on the track or 3-5psi on the street. What does that growth do to the contact patch size? How does that affect rake and trail and weight transfer?

    Small bikes (GP250, 400, 650 twins) use very high corner speed and therefore load the outside and sidewall tire heavily ...
  7. Tire Tech day 3

    Day 3: Carcass dynamics

    Have you ever sat on the tire you are buying to see if the carcass will hold your body weight?

    Have you ever pushed on the tire to see how it will flex?

    Have you ever pulled on the sidewalls to see how much they will deflect?

    Have you ever measured the new tires circumference once it is fully inflated?

    Have you ever mixed brands between front and rear tires?

    Street/road tires
  8. Tire Tech day 2

    Day 2: What do you use to inflate your tires?

    I figured that would create an instant emotional response to get your attention!

    Street riders will get air from anywhere usually. Track riders from the track day service provider and racers from either their own supply or from the race tire service brand provider at the event.

    Has a percentage of water vapor in it naturally. When we get compressed air it may have a lot more water vapor in it. ...
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