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  1. speciallknine's Avatar
    Maybe try lower fork deflectors. They balance the air that comes up and under the screen . I had a screen fixed to the handle bars and it was bad. replace it with a Tsukayu bat wing and is better but still at 140kmh & over it shacks
  2. madbikeboy's Avatar
    Try taking the windscreen off the bike.
  3. onearmedbandit's Avatar
    Maybe try posting in the forum rather than on the blog?
  4. ducatilover's Avatar
    You could have some welded on by somebody competent.
  5. Asher's Avatar
    Looks like youre shit out of luck.

  6. Asher's Avatar
    Check your swing arm and see if it has the holes to fit them. Should be in front of and slightly below the rear axle.
  7. stevet's Avatar
    The above relates to a Hyosung