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  1. Jahdafario's Avatar
    and note, my knee goes down hanging off the thing in tight twists, but i've had it quite low and the pegs do not seem to scrape, though i have had my boot slightly over the edges of the pegs and they scrape, wouldn't try going any tighter
    great bike its a 9.5 in my books, the 0.5 is because it is now lacking power, maybe a gsr750 would be absolutely perfect.
    dan k7 07' gsr600
  2. Jahdafario's Avatar
    also the bike is too easy to be cheeky in the tightest of inner city auckland traffic.
    By first glance this bike looks huge with a long wheelbase, but when you hop on and are riding, it feels like the two wheels are 1 under your nuts and 1 just in front of your knob, and so very easy to throw around,
  3. Jahdafario's Avatar
    the part where it screams like a gsxr is also fun too, my power band really starts to kick in at about 9000 to 10,000, not sure about 8,500, havent really noticed it, i just go by sound and feel,
    and the electronic speedo makes going past cops/cameras and sticking to limits a breeze, (new 30km/h limit on queen st now in auck )
  4. Jahdafario's Avatar
    hey mate, i've got one, bloody excellent bike, although i just came up from a vtr250, i've ridden a firestorm and k1 gsxr750, i couldn't imagine sitting like that riding everywhere, just not my cuppa,
    i advise anyone who wants a great bike that looks even better than the hornet to get one hehe,
  5. sugilite's Avatar
    Yep I know, I'll be looking to get some neutral black and white gear asap
  6. merv's Avatar
    ...and the green outfit you're wearing just looks so wrong.
  7. Buddy L's Avatar
    nice report.
    Good to see honda going green, with the a bit of under growth on the new CRF's
  8. HornetBoy's Avatar
    hmm am thinking of getting one myself ,this was a very informative review ,thanks
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    well written Sugi .. reading the test reports .. will keep an eye on this blog now ..

    btw awesome pics ..