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Sugilite's Tests & Ride Impressions

I'll be posting bike tests and ride impressions that I do for a local paper. Comments and constructive feedback welcome

  1. Stupid World

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    Also, when it comes to Corporate, there is no such thing as a Private Chat, Corporate 101.
    Or even an opinion regarding the boss that he does not like.
    Mr freespeech indeed. Pffft
  2. 2008 Honda CRF450 Ride Impression

    2008 Honda CRF450R Ride Impression
    Article and photograph (below specs section) by Anthony Bradford

    With aggressive new styling, this Honda looks to assert it's authority on the ever competitive 450 class.

    The big news for the CRF450R is it has the HPSD (Honda Progressive Steering Damper). The new found stability the system offers, has allowed the engineers to reduce the steering rake and wheelbase. This allows the Honda to carve the corners with scalpel-like ...
  3. 2008 Suzuki GSR600 Test

    2008 Suzuki GSR600: Mid Sized Muscle Heavy Weight Action
    By Anthony Bradford Photograph by Kotahi-Manawa Bradford

    Suzuki released this motorcycle as a mid sized 'Street Fighter'. However, the machine is a lot more versatile than just that. Through my time with the bike, I've found it good for weekend rides, commuting, sports riding, mid-range touring and it would be far from disgraced being ridden at track days. Taking it's styling cues from the newly released and acclaimed ...
  4. 2008 Honda CRF250R Ride Impression

    2008 Honda CRF250R Ride Impression
    By Anthony Bradford: photographs (below specs section) by Fiona Dickinson

    Arriving to pick up the Honda CRF250R from Dannevirke Honda, I cast an appraising eye over the machine, noting the usual high build quality we have come to expect from Honda. Top shelf Renthal aluminium handle bars are a welcome addition and point to just how serious Honda is in providing a race-ready bike right out of the crate.

    I took the CRF out to ...