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  1. Followed a young feller on a shit old honda 125, riding like a clown

    Quote Originally Posted by Oblivion View Post
    Thats just idiotic.
    i reckon. you really need to have a hair trigger right foot off the lights in Auckland
  2. Ironman 2012

    So today I entered the 2012 Ironman. $760. Just a bit more than a bike rego. Not my first one, but 10 years have passed since my last one.

    I think I'll use this place as a training diary. I'm on here every day, and it's pretty easy to update.

    Today, I am 97kg, mid-fit - i can spend 60 mins on the erg, kayak 10k, run 10k or bike 30k if I have to. Have a strained Soleus (calf), but apart from that are all good.

    Just had my last pig-out feed
  3. boobies

  4. 2 years

    shit is it nearly 2 years since i posted in here last? funny things blogs - a lot of info goes into the threads - i guess the blog is more of a place to think and spew forth whatever shit is in your head at the time - although there's a few people on here that haven't figured that one out yet!
  5. sunday 3/6

    woke to crystal blue day. went over to matamata thinking yay! lets go skydiving! thick fog cleared about 12. 1/2 dozen high loads, 3 low loads. bbq afternoon tea.

    thought about selling my share in the Pitts and buying another Aprilia RS250....ironically i'm sitting here watching them kick arse in the MotoGP coverage.
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