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  1. Honda RS125

    Well, my mechanical skills have been still going strong on my bike, with more items being taken of and checked then put back on.
    Im just sorting out a set of rubber, dont no if i want dunlop or bridgestone, i like riding on bridgestone, but dunlops last longer with heat cycles etc?????
    Im also sorting out some parts for my bike? "TOP SECRET"
    Well hope this is informing you!
    Competition Riding
  2. Honda RS125

    Well my bike has been running well, except for a few minor glitches, but that comes with the game.
    I Just done the Cliff hanger hill sprints, they were good fun, but im to use to track riding, beiong able to see wots comming up.
    My bike went good, the exhaust leaked a tad but natn mayjor!

    Got home 2nyte to continue my repairs/genaral inspection on my bike, the exhaust i have a plan so it wont leak...2 springs, 2 seals and 2 gaskets! bomb prof, well i will update you ...