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Life in the Philippines.

An update on my living, riding and traffic experiences here in the Philippines.

I arrived here in Batangas on the 24th of May 2012, and my first taste of traffic was a ride from the pier to my new, (for me,) home. I was met by my lovely fiancee, Merly and her two daughters, Maryjane, 15 and Lykajane, 7, along with a friend of MJ's. I don't know how we all managed to get on/in the "tricycle", a small motorbike of about 110 to 150 cc with a covered sidecar attached. These vary in size and design from island to island, so I'll deal with the Luzon ones at present.
The cab is strictly a two seater, but we managed to squeeze LJ in on Merly's knee, and the two elder girls sat on the pillion behind the rider. My luggage was tied to the roof.

After a day or two to settle in we went for a walk into town. This is where I had my first shock! There were no footpaths, (sidewalks here.) these start in the CBD, but in most case are wide enough only for one person. If you are VERY good friends you could walk side by side. Bear in mind, most people here carry umbrellas for shade as well as keeping the rain off.
Every 100 metres or so there is a pole, signpost, or some other protrusion right in the middle, so you either have to go round both sides or step on to the road. This is frought with danger as there is a very good chance there will be a bicycle, motorbike, or even a Jeepney [B]undertaking[B] six inches from the kerb.

More to follow.

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