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After five years of being under covers I fired up the z1000st in the weekend.All I had to do was new battery,clean the plugs and new gas.Kawasaki's are great like that.Just a shame it's got no front brakes.Noisy as fuck,spits and backfires,it's great to rekindle the inner hoon.Fullface lids are good to hide stupid grins.

  1. Gotta fix.....

    Steering head bearings are notchy.Front brake calipers feel like they're siezed.Horn doesn't work.Replace Front tyre.After that it should be good for a while.Better change the oil while I'm at it.May as well do the katana while I'm there.Does it never stop ?I seem to spend as much time pissing around with them as I do riding.The zthou is a pig to park up.I have to drag the arse around 90 degrees.It's gotta weigh around 250kg.
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