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Touring the planet

Bike touring overseas.

  1. Virgin Sux!

    This blog is in two parts. The first was written but not posted in December 2014.

    Pt 1 - Virgin Sucks!
    written 14/12/14

    We went to the Gold Coast the other week and booked via Air New Zealand but ended up flying on Virgin sharing and all that jazz.

    The trip started out as a weekend in Brisbane to see the Lion King, but it seemed like a waste to go all that way for two days so we made it a week on the GC and were joined ...
  2. Motorcycling in Phuket (Pt2)

    Commercially, stepthrus rule! They carry everything including the kitchen sink.....and the bar-b-q!!

    ....or the recyling.

    You can use them to ...
  3. Motorcycling in Phuket (Pt 1)

    We spent a week in Phuket recently and that was a bit if an eye opener.

    On the night we arrived, I was gobsmacked as we were driven to our resort at Patong Beach (about 40 minutes) and small bikes and scooters were passing us on both sides, and vice versa. Then at one point, a bike passed us on the inside, then continued to pass the vehicle in front of us as they negotiated a right hander. My heart was in my throat because the road was quite narrow and twisty, with no verge and a ...