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  1. 2009 MDA Run

    The Muscular Dystrophy Ride is one of the ‘not-to-be-missed’ annual rides and I’ve just completed my 5th.

    This year, to assist Ron to organise the event, I prepared profiles on the kids as well as a ride plan with maps, noting the visit and regroup points. Also the funds raised on the Capital 1000K Ride helped to buy better presents, so come Friday, we were ready to embark on our adventure.

    At one stage we were looking at having 20 riders but as things transpired, there ...
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  2. SH2 Claytons Ride

    The ride you have up SH2, when you're not really riding on SH2!

    After spending a week on the Gold Coast, we had to come back to the cold and one of the many predictions for today’s weather was snow, however, in the end it dawned overcast but dry and by the time I left home at 0900, it was 9°. I had checked and pumped the tyres yesterday, along with cleaning the bike so I just had to gas up on the way to do the route that Steve and I had checked out a bit over a month ago.
  3. Wind Farm & Wild Oats

    Today was a combined road and gravel Ulysses Ride and as seems to be the norm lately, the weather forecast was crappy right up until the day before, then it looked like it would hold off until this evening.

    I checked the tyres and left home at 0905, going via J’ville to fill-up the fuel and tyres. It was after 0930 by the time I got away from there and headed down the gorge for Brown Owl with the weather a cool 9° and overcast. The roads were dry but it was looking a bit grim on the ...
  4. The Claytons Ride - Up SH1 but not up SH1.

    We had two rides this weekend. The Wellington Free Ambulance Charity Ride on Saturday and social ride to Foxton Beach on Sunday.

    Saturday dawned a pleasant enough day, although a little chilly so I put my liners in and went down to top-up the air in the tyres, filled-up then returned home to pick-up Ann, departing for Maidstone at 0945.

    We chatted and took a few photos to kill the time and before we knew it, it was time for the briefing, so I counted the bikes and noted ...
  5. Motorcycles Unleashed

    I ended up having two rides this week. The KiwiBiker Cruisy Ride on Wednesday and the Ulysses ride to the Bike display in Palmy today.

    Wednesday's ride was quite good with 25-30 bikes and the weather was great. The plan was to ride over the 'Hill then go to The White Swann in Greytown, but I decided to head for Martinborough after coming off the Hill, then took Ponatahi Rd and had a brief stop in Masterton to visit mum, getting to the Swan at about 2030. After having a chat with the ...
  6. 2008 Masters Games

    As we won gold at the last NZ Masters Games in Wanganui (2007), we thought we better turn-up again this year to defend the title….not that one would have a realistic chance of defending a Poker Run result, but that’s not the point, there was a ride to be done!

    We had registered just before the cut-off, booked ourselves in with Whanau, filled the bike and checked the tyre pressures the night before, and on Saturday 31/1 we cruised up to the Games HQ in Wanganui, arriving around lunch ...