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  1. insomnia01's Avatar
    Good on you mate !! Rain sucks but you have experienced an awesome ride & had a great time doing it what was the total km's travelled ??
  2. rustic101's Avatar
    Very good reading and should bode well with some readers. While a heavy helmet I love my N103 Ncom.
  3. caseye's Avatar
    Hey bro, good to see the good times rolling again, take care mate.
  4. wysper's Avatar
    Thanks Iain,
    A good length for my first ride I think. I doubt I will be passing you any time soon!

  5. Hanne's Avatar
    I am pleased to report that teh internets was restored by 4am and only one GN mud guard was destroyed in the withdrawal rage that set in once we returned from our walk. Mallet in destructive mode = 0rSm!
  6. madbikeboy's Avatar
    Creative writing on a biker site. You're either misplaced or brave. Either should be applauded.
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  8. Tony.OK's Avatar
    Nice fella........look forward to seeing both of ya out on the track!
  9. fearless493's Avatar
    LOl Sym service manual, hmm does show you where the indicators are
  10. insomnia01's Avatar
    the rain is a bitch alright !!! What I take with me on tour now a days is a heavy duty Pvc pants & jacket ( learnt this on GC 24hr rides ) that are large enough to throw over my riding gear, have tried proper bike ones but swear Pvc is better 2 weeks & my tour begins YEAH BABY !! Look forward to your next report
  11. Neon's Avatar
    Good on you dude, sounds like you're having a ball despite the weather. Make sure you head over Paekakariki hill road on your way out if the weather is ok, the view alone is worth it not to mention the twisties! Also recommend Feilding through Rangiwahia rd to Mangaweka if you want some interesting scenery on your way back north. Alternatively Vinegar Hill SH54 but if you've spent time 'round Welly you might know this way already. Have a good rest of trip and I look forward to reading more of your adventures. Take care!
  12. Spearfish's Avatar
    Did they break down the invoice for parts and labour?
    How handy are you with a tool kit and full service manual?
  13. Phreak's Avatar
    I have to say, I'm writing this down as much for my own benefit as anyone elses: reading back through this when I am back at work will help to ease to boredom!

  14. Crisis management's Avatar
    Good to hear you enjoyed yourself, next time we will make it a bit of a longer ride but at least now you know what to expect! You will be surprised how little time it takes to get used to the wobbling around bit and you will be passing us geriatrics fairly soon.

  15. insomnia01's Avatar
    Good write up mate !! I too am off on a 2 week journey wgtn ways over June.. I look forward to more of your writr ups SOOOONnnnnnnnnn
  16. Spearfish's Avatar
    Great story, Go the 250's!
  17. Bender's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing - look foraward to the rest.
  18. KoroJ's Avatar
    I've had;
    Battlax 3800; Conti RA 9550; PR2 12260; PR 13183; Storms 11057, 9800, 13275 9550 & 11053
    Battlax 13350; PR2 18090; Z6 13232; Storms 17510, 14163 & 15605
    Some were short termed due to long rides coming up and a couple with punctures causing excessive wear.
  19. p.dath's Avatar
    Great story. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  20. raftn's Avatar
    Great stuff, love hearing about this kind of thing.