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  1. ESE's works engine tuner

    I'm looking for the rotax 256 workshop manual.

    do you know where i can find it?
  2. Find Your Measurements: Motorcycle Apparel Fitting Guide

    "How do I solve the sizing for..." So, eventually, let's go one step further and here I am providing you a simple to follow informative article on motorcycle equipment, how it all is supposed to match, how you're supposed to use it and the reason why. Read on to find out how to avoid wearing a helmet so loose it slips down and covers your vision every time you go over a bump, and also how to avoid wearing riding pants which split in half when you try to bend your leg over your bike! ...
  3. Auckland Chapter Harley Owners Group-9th Annual Muscular Dystrophy Poker Run

    Due to Weather conditions our Annual Poker Run has been postponed to Sunday March the 3rd, 2019.
    Meet at Harley Davidson Motor Cycles, 521 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington. Registration 8.30 am
    Departure 10.15am. Poker Hands $20.00 (cash Only) Patchs $10.00 (Cash Only) All makes and models
    of Motor Bikes & Trikes. Best Hand $500.00. Second $300.00. Third $ 200.00. Raffle, Spot Prizes. Coffee
    and BBQ. "Highest Club Participation Trophy " Any questions ...
  4. Auckland Harley Owners Group 9th Annual Poker Run

    This run is the Chapters Annual Fund raiser to support Muscular Dystrophy Northern. Muscular Dystrophy Northern
    like a lot of other identities receives no financial support from the Government. Funds we raise for this cause are used
    to fund operating costs of the organisation including the upgrade of laptops etc for all of it's volunteer workers, workshops
    on medical aspects and new Drugs available to benefit its members.
    The Poker run is to be Held on Sunday 24th ...
  5. rego new bike in NZ

    I'm heading back to NZ in December and will be wanting to register and ride a 74 Z1 900 I sent back home earlier this year. What's the go with registering older bikes do I need to do full rego or is there a cheaper option, I'll only be in NZ about a month a year for now. Also who is the best Insurance company to insure an older bike with?
    Cheers Kojo
  6. Restricted Practical Test Auckland 2018

    Hi guys,
    I have been riding motorbike for 10 years oversea, and just got the Learner licence in NZ.
    They say there is two options for a Restricted licence that go directly from learner to restricted, and go through CBTA.
    What would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance
  7. need some advice,

    can anyone tell me which direction radiator fan on a honda nv750 should be running, fan is behind radiator, so seems should be run in clockwise direction to suck air through, i have had to hard wire fan to switch as thermal switches are stuffed and cost is too much as can't buy in nz, i have fan running anti-clockwise, dosn't seem to be doing the job, anyone have any thoughts on this, would be appreciated.
  8. The CBR400RR project update

    I have been pretty busy over the last few months and didn't have time to do much posting but the CBR400RR is well underway now. I have had the wheels powdercoated, rebuilt the calipers and master cylinder, changed the setup to braided lines with sintered pads, new pots for the calipers the old ones were rusted badly, new throttles cables and choke cable, New grips, new levers, new clipons, rebuild the dash, painted and cleaned up all the front stays, cleaned up the rear subframe and repainted it, ...
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