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    Quote Originally Posted by old slider
    Enjoyed reading the trials and tribulation in the days of a motorcycle racer, thanks for that and the onboard footage, look forward to your next meeting report.
    Glad you enjoyed it
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    Enjoyed reading the trials and tribulation in the days of a motorcycle racer, thanks for that and the onboard footage, look forward to your next meeting report.
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    Maybe try lower fork deflectors. They balance the air that comes up and under the screen . I had a screen fixed to the handle bars and it was bad. replace it with a Tsukayu bat wing and is better but still at 140kmh & over it shacks
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    Try taking the windscreen off the bike.
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    Puzzled why the Taihape Road from Hastings through Taihape towards Wanganui is not more popular with bikers.
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    Maybe try posting in the forum rather than on the blog?
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    Interesting info. Be interesting to compare that to the NZ Motorcycle Atlas to see how many of the roads are the same. Some of the local ones are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by biggo
    A bit of scouting around for the 2017 NI1600 there John ?
    After a bit, one gets in the habit of always scanning for roads and conveniently located, easily identifiable checkpoints. Unfortunately, there are masses of sweet roads around the Waikato that would be great for the big rides but they would require too many CP's to force the lazier riders to take them. This is compounded by including the option to qualify for Ironbutt on the NZDR rides as their requirements are very stringent.
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    A bit of scouting around for the 2017 NI1600 there John ?
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    That run through to Putaruru looks fun, must remember do explore there at some point...

    Sounds like you enjoyed the break then
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    Great write up, really good to see someone posting one here again. Well done.
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    Nice bike
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    Awesome read Alan, you covered damn near everything. I don't think I saw this blog back in 2011. Someone had posted a memory on FB of this ride yesterday, yip five years ago this weekend just gone. I was just having a look through the thread and happened upon this...thankfully. Some funny moments in there. Cheers Mark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NiggleC
    Well done PB. There is a real sense of achievement completing one of these. I once entered the GC from which this ride is derived only to have the final drive bearing on my BMW1100 begin to give up the ghost on the way up, subsequently i failed scrutineering. A long way to go from ChCh to fail but thats life. I stuck to the Chatto Creek 1000milers after that because a least i would be in the same island. Next year i am looking at the NI800 as part of a week holiday up north. will be interesting to see if anyone goes to print about that ride. Cheers N.
    There was at least one bike that failed the scrutineering this year, not sure if they were riding the NI1600 or NI800 but it must be disappointing to do so. I must admit I was nervous as I do my own maintenance and have made a few mods as well:-)
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    Good write up John, and yes I am feeling more moveable today. It was a real challenge and that 15hrs? Sure you didnt enter 'riding a Spyder' in the route instructions? That was just about my actual riding time. Riding average 72km's according to the trip computer.
    It was an awesome route honestly and thanks for keeping it as the 'super thou'. Next time I promise I will be kind to myself... and ride the bike.
    But I have this strange urge to add a Royal Enfield Conti GT to the stable.
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    Great write up, Loved this years route and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for all your hard work organizing another great 1KC
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    Enjoyed the read~~~
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    Good write-up! Well, having done 2 of these already...might be looking for another challenge!
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    A good read John Another great ride for the Cuzzy's up Nth for this years 1KC Awesome loop even with the suspect at times weather out @ 6:05 In @ 18:15pm which was a whole 45mins early by my intended ETA of 19:00 well done all
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    Great write up John. Thanks to Ann yourself and everyone for another very enjoyable day. I did the standard ride but have got Super Thou instructions and will do that over the Christmas break if I get a spare day to play. Mr Google says 16 hours for the route so you did make "good progress" !! Think I will be happy to knock it off in 13-14 hrs
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