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  1. GT250R lifter or bobbins or spools

    can a gt250r have bobbins or spools fitted to the swing arm for the use of a paddock stand or do I have to use the less secure paddock stand with L brackets, also does anyone know of a bike lifter for a gt250r
  2. AMCC Round 5 @ Hampton Downs


    What a great way to end an excellent summer full of riding.

    Thursday evening was the last of the Honda Twilight Ride Days. It's only 3 sessions but it's also really cheap.

    Early on Thursday it was looking extremely dodgy with steady rain until about 10:00am, with light rain until about 1:00pm and then the sky cleared. By 4:30pm the roads were bone dry and perfectly clean. It was warming up so the track was ...
  3. My first blog

    From the day i first started riding I have been aiming to get a CBR954. In my opinion they are one of the best looking bikes ever made.
    From the first day I saw one I was in love.

    Finally I found myself in a position to get one relatively cheap that I could really make my own.

    I first saw it on Trademe - CBR954 perfect trackbike, stripped to essentials - deregistered, no headlight, indicators, mirrors, left hand switch cluster and a few other bits and pieces. ...
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  4. steampunk inspired veteran build

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    So essentially what this is is a Ford model T chassis minus rear axle with an Indian 80 cubic inch motor & most of it's frame minus forks etc
    The guy in the pic made this out of junk for the then princely sum of $18
    I'm not sure of the year but suspect 1920s
    This device was good for 63 mph!
    I'll be using a T bucket hot rod chassis & transverse leaf spring front end
    The back wheel will be using ...
  5. steampunk inspired veteran build

    WELL I've had an epiphany
    Have a look @ this period pic
    The project has taken an unexpected turn......
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  6. New Project December 2012 - the Kawasaki Zephyr

    Purchased a 1991 Kawasaki Zephyr on 3rd December from a mate who bought it as a project himself.I was fortunate enough to get it off him before some random stranger purchased it for destinations unknown..wreckers, oddball doer uppers, who knows where this poor lovely bike could've ended up.

    Day one

    this is her on the day she arrived in my garage, the hard stuff was pretty much
  7. AMCC Round 2 @ Hampton Downs

    A weekend riding bikes is a good weekend, especially when the bike looks so good!!

    Friday I got an early start as I had lots to do on the bike. I ended up spending the entire day tidying up and finishing off a whole bunch of things on the bike. Little things like a seat pad (painted fibreglass is really slippery), bolting the brake disk onto the spare rear wheel, final cut and polish so the new paintwork doesn't get damaged, go to the supermarket and get supplies for ...
  8. Paint and Stickers are (mostly) done

    The major stickers are on. Now they're in place I can have a look to see where I want to put some others. But that's next week. This weekend I get to ride it

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