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  1. Mobile Welder

    So I'm pretty new to Kiwi Biker and this blog stuff, but after doing a welding job for a guy recently on his Suzuki TL1000S I realised that there are lots of guys out there who are modifying bikes, or giving it a bit too much at the weekend and cracking frames etc, that need a welder with a knowledge of bikes!

    I've always been about bikes - from schoolboy motocross as a kid in the Isle of Man, watching the TT, riding the course, doing track days, racing Her Majesty's highways in the ...
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  2. Almost there ...

    Not long until it's done and I can ride it. I'm really looking forward to the end of this month.

    I got a message saying my bike was back together and running!! After some hurried organisation I was all set to travel down to Wellington, put the bike on the dyno then take it up to New Plymouth to sort the suspension out.

    Originally my wife was going to go with me and make a trip of it so I'd organised to stay with Pete McDonald. That way she could ...
  3. What a long road of Prep III

    10.30 the night before a meet and the scramble to prep the bikes and load up is finally over.

    Ended up swapping the fairing, tank and seat on Ikasu with Wanisami to tidy her up. I found an RG50 fairing which I put on Wanisami for shits and giggles and with the longer seat, number boards and tank she looks like a classic retro bucket.paint job even works.

    Oh well off to laa laa land before a delightful 5.45am start.

    I'll post some photos as soon as I ...
  4. What a long road of Prep II

    As always buckets are being pulled apart and rebuilt;

    ISSHAU; tyres fitted, sump plug wired but have changed the mudguard to a longer one. Biker Bee had a great time sticking decals and her numbers on to the bike

    ZENSEN; Parts being pulled off and paint job touched up. Biker Bee tried to ride her but the bike really is to heavy for her and she fell over so we'll probably use Isshau for the enduro. Have found a front fairing and new race seat for her, which I'll be getting ...
  5. What a long road of Prep

    Biker Bee and myself have feverishly prepping our stable of buckets, getting ready for the next KoK. We need to make the next meeting in Sept though to give the bikes and good shake down. here's how they stand;

    IKASU ("Old but cool"), RX125 powered RG50 chassis, mid repairs, looking at transplanting engine into another frame.

    WANISAMI ("Sword"), RG50, all ready to go. If anyone wants to have a turn at buckets PM me.

    ZENSEN ("Fight the good fight"), CBR150, ...
  6. convert bike to trike probs hmmm

    well not sure that i,ve enjoyed all the tig weilding for cert plus picking up second hand drive shaft was not my best idea for the week. just wondering how others have got along doing their converts as this my first try.
  7. We're rolling now ...

    Things are gathering momentum now and I'm getting more and more excited about this bike.

    After getting the bike back to the shed I'd hardly touched it. Lots of rain and plenty of cold weather had put me off getting out there, besides which I'd gotten really busy with a couple of other projects that I managed to get involved in.

    However, I had been thinking, planning and buying some bits that were going to be needed. Amongst other things I've got some ...
  8. It's here!!! My next project!!!

    Well, I've got it in the shed now so it's 100% mine and I can tell everyone about it

    Some people may recognize this bike as it was always at the track a few years back. It's owner is also well known cos he's a good bugger, but unfortunately, is better known for an accident at Pukekohe that left him in a wheel chair.

    I've bought Paul Garrett's #94, a 2005 CBR600RR. It's got a full Arata Titanium exhaust system, PC3, Ohlins all around and a bunch of other ...
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