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Two wheels and sometimes one, on the tarmac

  1. Make My Day charity ride 2013

    Make My Day Charity Ride 2013
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    Where: 257 Great South Road Drury
    When: 10:00am on the 10th of November 2013
    why: To Raise 7k to purchase a special needs vehicle for solo mother Darilyn Robbie and her disabled daughter Kayla Robbie Brougham
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    How much: $20.00 per person
    What's in it for me:
    Loop Ride
    Win a set of Dunlop motorcycle tyres
    Win ...
  2. GT250R lifter or bobbins or spools

    can a gt250r have bobbins or spools fitted to the swing arm for the use of a paddock stand or do I have to use the less secure paddock stand with L brackets, also does anyone know of a bike lifter for a gt250r
  3. 97 zx6r f3 rego help

    Hey team, so I purchased a 1997 zx6r f3 from a mate for 800 bucks, she is mint with a capital M! He just did chain, sprockets, brakes, oil, coolant and carbs. He got stung with a fine and then rego and wof fees on his vehicles and needed some $$ so he sold it to me. Heres the is rego dead. I got a carjam report and so I have the full history and will be getting statutory decleration soon. I was told by VTNZ that its as easy as getting a stat dec from cops, putting it in my name, ...
  4. Hi all newbie here :) GN250 or Scorpio 225

    Hi all I'm new to this so here i go . I just did my basic handling skills test and my theory is booked in for tomorrow .I'm looking at these two bikes

    I'm about 6.1ft tall weigh about 110kg. I an use to driving farm bikes (DR200). I rode the yamaha scorpio for my basic handling test ...
  5. MotoTT Taupo Trackday - Saturday 13th April 2013 - Newbie Trackday Footage on GN250

    I went to Taupo on the weekend just been for a track day here is sessions 1. Unfortunately the blog won't let me embed any more video's so here are the rest: . It's just a bit of fun really and I'm not particularly good at following lines, downshifting (when going that fast!), and generally just riding a motorbike in general lol. I fitted the Go Pro to the side reflector on my bike which seemed to be a really good location. It picked up the ...
  6. Monthly blog post to help riders cover the basics in a simple step by step basis

    It was apparent that the most overlooked part of basic set up was ergonomics. As such, being comfortable on your bike is not an option - it is mandatory. Let's run through each one in detail and if you have old injuries, respect them and adjust accordingly even if that means something isn't perfectly symmetrical.

    Handle bars
    Most stock bars have some adjustment. Not a lot at the triple clamp end but certainly a lot at the bar end, and that's the critical part. Do you know how ...
  7. What a long road of Prep III

    10.30 the night before a meet and the scramble to prep the bikes and load up is finally over.

    Ended up swapping the fairing, tank and seat on Ikasu with Wanisami to tidy her up. I found an RG50 fairing which I put on Wanisami for shits and giggles and with the longer seat, number boards and tank she looks like a classic retro bucket.paint job even works.

    Oh well off to laa laa land before a delightful 5.45am start.

    I'll post some photos as soon as I ...
  8. What a long road of Prep II

    As always buckets are being pulled apart and rebuilt;

    ISSHAU; tyres fitted, sump plug wired but have changed the mudguard to a longer one. Biker Bee had a great time sticking decals and her numbers on to the bike

    ZENSEN; Parts being pulled off and paint job touched up. Biker Bee tried to ride her but the bike really is to heavy for her and she fell over so we'll probably use Isshau for the enduro. Have found a front fairing and new race seat for her, which I'll be getting ...
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