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Enduro, MotoX, Trials, Cross Country, Trail etc,.

  1. Honda ATC250R

    HI Guys 'n' Gurls
    Adam here... Im looking for Parts for my ATC250R 's and just keen to talk to other people about them too.
    I need a drum brake axle for my 1981
    and a disc brake swing arm for my 1982

    also after other parts and whole bikes.
    So if you have one or want to talk about them or maybe know were one is drop me a line or two.

    keen to find out how many are actully floating around still in Godz own.

    Cheers pepz

    I have a bone to pick with a certain group of Motor X riders. I was at Woodend beach motor camp on Saturday visiting my parents where we had a birthday party for my wee 1 year old girl. The other kids were running about having fun and such.... as kids do! Next thing we hear a massive loud noise coming from off road bikes coming down the track that runs along the camp.......Shit here they are again! these bikers were traveling at huge speeds, probably about 5 of them. They rip up the track and have ...
  3. Taupo 4 Hour

    Just signed up for the Taupo 4 hour, Amped as
  4. Places to ride in northland OFF ROAD

    Hi there

    for all off roaders i suggest going riding up north on the west coast of ahipara great sand dunes,huge 300 ft sand dune climb ,huge bowl and great senary ,eg.if u want to find a hotel to stay at check this
    great winter rates .if you want me to take you around there riding im happy to .search ahipara on you tube ull see the places u can ride.
  5. Road to Albania - day 7 - Kosovo

    We wake up in the morning to another beautiful day in Albania.

    As we pack up and ready to head out we don't even consider if it will be difficult to get to the road. After all, the small off road trip to the camping site was not so hard. However, heading out proves to be a bit more difficult, and Mrazik ends a bit stuck.

  6. Trail Riding in Waihi - Do It!

    I had the most amazing time trail riding in Waihi!

    Your guide, Stuart, is a great guy, a half or full days ride is very reasonable; you get to do at least two different trails and more and he pretty much has all the equipment one would need.





    Cell: 021 205 7266

    You will not regret it!

    Laura ...
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  7. To Albania - Day 2 - Part 2 - Bosnia and Herc

    Last time...

    Sitting at the illegal boarder of Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, we contemplate... should we take the risk and cross illegally? Or go back and loose about an hour of travel...

    It is a hard decision... we see that it is possible to bring the bikes around, carefully...

    In the end we decide to go for ...
    Off Road
  8. Big Jump! taking photographs at the Wairamarama Trail ride last month, two riders spent a good half hour jumping for the camera, made my day!
    Off Road
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