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  1. Anyone for Tennis?

    This relates to 25/01/09 but I've been a bit busy to blog

    For the second year running, we returned to the Aussy tennis Open this week. Plenty of hot days (40 on the Tues), lots of walking, lots of tennis and lots of food. Qantas, on the other hand, left much to be desired!

    We booked awhile back on a direct flight from Wellington to Melbourne and thought nothing more of it, until a mate mentioned to check our flights as Qantas had changed some flights. Sure enough, ...
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  2. The Chronicles of Sled: I've lost inches off my bottom!

    Well the Leadsled has.

    Gone are the mismatched 3 and 4 inch rims and the rear contact patch that was all but gone at 15 degrees lean angle.

    The front wheel conversion was less than simple as the first pic will illustrate.

    I bet your saying to yourself why didn't you just find bearing with the right ID/OD to make this easy, turkey!

    Mr Kawasaki didn't want me to put ZZR250 wheels into my ZXR250 so he choose bearings that don't have corresponding ...
  3. The Chronicles of Sled:Bring the noise! oh and some earplugs

    I've just completed two days work of works to come up with the following:

    Big thanks to Campbell (non KB master fabricator) and of course Skunk for allowing me to crash his Tuppagadgets mens BBQ and utilise the awesome Skunkworks Bucket factory.

    We could only run it for a short time because it's not quite finished properly, but from what we did do we know its LOUD!

  4. Jacked up!

    Still waiting on parts, but I popped out to my mate's place this evening and had a bit of a tinker with the bike. I wanted to get familiar with the lift and putting the bike up and down, and see if I could re-attach the spring for the jiffy stand (that's the official HD nomenclature for what yer average motorcycle enthusiast would call a "side stand").

    The lift is working nicely, once you get it positioned correctly under the bike, and it's fairly easy to move the bike around while ...
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  5. The Chronicles of Sled:The "Big Twin" Update 1 -RESULTS-

    The results are in hot off the press people.

    I suspect Mr Speedpro may have done this before see the graph below for results.

    The red line was basically where we started and we ended up with the blue line. The two lighter more spaced out dotty lines are the torque with values on the right, these are really big numbers for a 140 twin but remember there's no correction for the low gearing.

    We did a total of about 30 runs all up, these graphs best represent ...
  6. The Chronicals of Sled:The "Big Twin" Update

    It's time I got around to an update as the bigbore twin is now together and running.

    As I have limited amounts of all necessary resourses I have not been able to get any of my bottom end "wish list" stuff done. I have run the bike up to the operational design speed I was aiming for, ahem

    The engine doesn't seem to be at its potential yet in terms of outright performance, I haven't done any tuning as such I just replaced the pistons and rings made ...
  7. The Chronicles of Sled: Always keep a good supply of lube!

    It is vitally important to keep a good supply of quality lubricant on hand at all times incase of any emergent situations where intimacy of mating parts is critical.

    Failure to adhere to good lube practices can result increased levels of painful stiction and friction which in turn creates a general lack of satifaction with preformance and in the long term can result in excessive clearance between the formally intimate components.

    Unfortunately a friend of mine was ...
  8. The Chronicles of Sled

    Well I've done quite a bit of work to this bike over the years, I thought I'd put all my efforts in one place to make it easier to track the progress over the years.

    To provide a little background to this, I started racing Buckets seriously at the end of 01 when I raced Super Moto around the Kart tracks and carparks at the bucket meetings.

    I'd ridden a few buckets before then and they were all quite hard to get the best out because their chassis let them down. Then ...