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  1. Selections 20 to 26 June 2007

    Dedicated to the memory of our Mentor, Uncle B.

    This week I am very pleased to read all the entries and would like to make special mention about the senior experienced riders contributions. I am sure that Mystery and discotex had a difficult time in deciding which entries to choose. All is good, and as an aside I attended a group ride in the Wairarapa last weekend and I am delighted to see some of the other riders provided good insight and comments on how the day went for them. ...
  2. Showers falling as snow.

    The forecast in the ODT this morning had the statement: "showers falling as snow". Interesting, I'd never heard this in a forecast before. True it was! Snow showers, light and not settling snow fell through to about 1300hrs. Was cold and then the 'showers' fell as rain for a while!
    About 0930 hrs I had to pop down town on the scooter commuter getting a frozen bum from these "showers falling as snow" which had frozen on the scotter seat. Yeah! For quality winter bike gloves which were up to ...
  3. coleridge ride

    hope to ride ashburton to coleridge power station return on im hope sunday coming up
    hopeing for a fine day and not to cold
    (no snow) ?
    theres plenty of straights and then through the gorge and theres wicked cornering and then a few tighter cnrs that can actually catch you out a little ....even when you do know the road .....
    lets hope its a good day
  4. Winter Solstice

    No sooner has Sue Bradford's anti-smacking bill become law than the stupid bitch is trying to introduce a 16 year old voting age...Where's it all going to end?? Politicians piss me off, but I can't be bothered getting involved so I guess I'll just stick to bitching about it and biking.

    After a week of Snow down south, heaps of rain up north and the odd thunder storm in Wellington, we had a great weekend for riding. Saturday was a bit windy and marginal in the Wairarapa and Manawatu ...
    Personal entry
  5. tyre

    left ashburton at about 910 am freezing cold in the morning really cold a hard frost but at least not raining.
    travlled to chch to cycle treads to get a new tyre
    arrived there at about 1010 and after a hot coffee started to warm up a bit
    a bt45 tyre fitted and the mission was complete
    am really impressed with the amount of tread on the tyre i think about 2mm more than the pirelli had when it was new .
    i hope this will last a lot more kms.
    Sport/Road Bikes
  6. broken t-rex

    absolutly gutted went up piha for a ride and went for a swim in may and while i was away from the bike this f:@kin subaru wanker reversed into my trx and knocked it onto a 4x4 bull bar its broken the bikini fairing does anyone know of a good repair guy that is good
  7. Snow & Ice Stops Play!

    Down here in the south yesterday was the second day (of an average 4) that I chose not to use the scooter to get to work. A shower of rain fell at around 0500hrs and froze on the roads.
    This morning the 5cm of snow which fell over-night has frozen and very little traffic is moving about on any of the roads.
    Needless to say the wee-strom and the scooter remain in the garage. Too cold to apply that space age plastic polish, so a day inside by the fire is planned. Cheers.
  8. new tyre

    hopefully tomorrow is fine off to cycle treads to get new rear tyre.
    the pirelli sport demon on the rear has a little meat left but i find myself not impressed with the amount of use it has had
    They seem to be very soft and just dont last long enough
    I hope the bt 45 that is going on the rear will last a lot longer.
    does anyone else have a good or bad opinion of these tyres i have to admit there really good on the dry and excellent grip just not good mileage.
    Sport/Road Bikes