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  1. searching for Nicholas Cramer Roberts or his ex partner

    Hi all,

    I am trying to get in touch with anyone who knows or remembers a user by the name of Nicholas Cramer Roberts aka Nick jon Adams from 2009.
    I have the user names of people on this site who knew him back them.
    Is there an admin on here or a user who may be able to pass my details onto someone who can assist?
    This is urgent. Please PM me, i will check inbox frequently.
    This may help to save someone who is in possible danger.

    Thank ...
    Personal entry
  2. Find Your Measurements: Motorcycle Apparel Fitting Guide

    "How do I solve the sizing for..." So, eventually, let's go one step further and here I am providing you a simple to follow informative article on motorcycle equipment, how it all is supposed to match, how you're supposed to use it and the reason why. Read on to find out how to avoid wearing a helmet so loose it slips down and covers your vision every time you go over a bump, and also how to avoid wearing riding pants which split in half when you try to bend your leg over your bike! ...
  3. 2017 - 1st Up


    After getting back from Hamilton I had to drop the bike in for its 96,000 Km service ...even if it was a little late at 97,500 Km. That was an easy way to blow $600+ with a new air-cleaner, plugs etc, etc and although I'd bought a new front, expecting to fit it, that's still got a couple of thousand Km in it and the relatively new rear (5,000 Km) is looking worse ...but only on the sides thanks to some hard cornering on great roads.

    With that done and a nice ...
  4. 2016 In Review


    Itís been an odd year. I donít feel like Iíve done much riding due to weather and work, but the reality is that Iíve done few rides but a reasonable amount of Km.

    The year started with a 1,000 miler (1600 Km with Gray -! )

    Followed up with the biggest ride of my life in March, ( ...
  5. The Post-Christmas Pootle


    This year saw the 90th Anniversary of the Maori Tennis Tournament Öwhich didnít mean a lot to me, but it did mean that I had to ride to Hamilton, then go riding around the Waikato for a couple of days, then ride back Öso, as usual, I was really excited that Ann had to go to the Maori tennis tournament!

    Our adventure commenced on Boxing Day with a short hop to Hawera, Ann taking the car because she was hitching a ride from there, then bringing some Mokoís ...
  6. 2016 MDA Run


    This year was my 11th MDA run after missing the 2014 ride Öand it still hasnít lost its charm of being a great ride while serving a great cause to see some joy brought to the lives of some children afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy.

    This year my involvement included sorting a budget and coming up with a ride plan, which was to be very different from all the other years I have been attending.

    Last year would have been the worst (hardest) year ...
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  7. bought an RF

    best purchase i've done in a while, grinning the whole ride back from wellington

    11xMiles now 12xMiles, neat.

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  8. 2016 1KC - The 10th Anniversary Super Thou

    Well that was another nice wee fang!

    Apparently I have a problem when it comes to riding and creating routes for longer rides Ö.I like corners!

    After all, letís face it, Iím not one to throw my arse around or hang off the seat, but the subtle shifting of weight that occurs whilst negotiating a delicious string of lefts and rights does wonders to alleviate the aching-numb-bum that manifests when sitting for hour after hour in the saddle on a boring, straight state highway. ...
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