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  1. Karipoti (Upper Hutt Wellington) ?

    heyhey, just wondering what the riding is like at Karipoti (Upper Hutt Wellington) ? .. are tracks blocked (trees down) rivers in flood? haven been there since last winter lol ... i wanna try my new XCF350
  2. Pukekohe MCC Secondary Schools MX Champs 24th August - reminder

    Hi all MX riders & parents

    This is a reminder for all school aged mx riders to view our poster & entry form (if they are wanting to enter) for the Pukekohe Motorcycle Club Secondary Schools MX Champs event which is to be held on Sunday 24th August

    The entries close on 15th Aug or there abouts so get your entries in.

    The Puke club is hoping this will be a school boys motocross event at itís best.

    There will be great prizes & ...
  3. thompsons and grundys track

    hey guys this is my first blog so it may be a bit confusing anyway what i would like o know is where is thompsons track and grundys track in the wellington region a map would be extremely helpful and also we dont have any road legal bikes so we will have to park close to each track and is there any farmers or private lands that have to be crossed to get to these if so does anyone hav there phonenumber we are not the type of go out and destroy the land type we just go for a nice casual trail ...
  4. Nitro Circus awesomeness

    So, we went to go check out the Wellington Nitro Circus show on Saturday night. Awesome stuff!

    Lots more pics, and and video of the final, epic train, at

  5. Dodging dogged dogs at Ashhurst unsuccessfully

    And now my intrepid audience (all two of you, and the cat reading over your shoulder), I shall delve into the horror that is known as Ashhurst Ö

    It was a dark and stormy night Ö er wait, it was a sullen night, with a churlish moon hanging low in the dark sky, it was near the time of 5am when I turned into the town of Ashhurst .. and I was trying to find the road that was a nice bit of twisty (Colyton Rd I do believe). Well I made a turn and ended up in a very rough muddy and ...
  6. Africa Twin in the snow

    So here's the video from my last post... Sorry about the shaky camera work - first time out with a helmet cam! Feedback is welcomed!

    Cheers, Buggs
  7. can you help me mate

    I was out riding my motorbike (00 Suzuki TF125) today at the local river and i had been riding it the whole day. just bought it. always made a slight tapping sound. anyway rode it for the whole day then all of a sudden it stopped. still got spark. compression. fuel. and air still turns over, but doesnt want to start now. what else should i do before it start deassembling it. is it possible that its just worn piston ring, down on comp than normal
  8. The farm enduro...

    Quote Originally Posted by barty5 View Post
    wont be any good for you guys running 18s though only comes in a 110/90/19 one size only
    It's gonna be awesome!!! Reccommend Bridgey 204s rear 203 front midsoft be ready fro rain or leave it till Friday night watch Toni on TV3 for wildly inaccurate forecast and take ya pick 403 404 good allround selection
    Mr M/C in puke got em or Cyclespot whatever just have good tyres!!! The farm sits in it's own micro climate so can be raining in Auckland or Whangarei and it's dry and sunny ...
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