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  1. 2015 HMCC Round 1 @ Hampton Downs

    The last time on my bike hadn't worked out the way I'd hoped it would, having done only 4 full laps before finding out the rear suspension was leaking and therefore dangerous.

    After sending the rear shock off the Robert at KSS and getting the bike back together I was keen to bring the lap times down but the weather wasn't looking good.

    Because the Intermediate class was so large Qualifying was split into two sessions, ...
  2. Motorcycling in Phuket (Pt2)

    Commercially, stepthrus rule! They carry everything including the kitchen sink.....and the bar-b-q!!

    ....or the recyling.

    You can use them to ...
  3. Motorcycling in Phuket (Pt 1)

    We spent a week in Phuket recently and that was a bit if an eye opener.

    On the night we arrived, I was gobsmacked as we were driven to our resort at Patong Beach (about 40 minutes) and small bikes and scooters were passing us on both sides, and vice versa. Then at one point, a bike passed us on the inside, then continued to pass the vehicle in front of us as they negotiated a right hander. My heart was in my throat because the road was quite narrow and twisty, with no verge and a ...
  4. What's Up!

    Shucks, another space of just over two months between blogs!! It has been Summer and early Autumn, so I have been riding but I guess I'm getting lazy and there hasn't really been any rides that have merited a blog?

    We did continue doing the Capital Coast Coneheads thing on Wednesday evenings through to the end of daylight savings and that was quite good, although, after Christmas, there weren't a lot of punters turning up....and in fact on the last evening, it was just me until AndrewT ...
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  5. Holiday snaps

  6. 10 Years On

    I joined KiwiBiker in late March 2005 as I researched motorbikes and the forum kept coming up in results. Member #2710. In early May (first few days) I gained my Class 6 Learners and so started my passion for motorcycling. Yesterday I realised that in the next few days a decade will be reached and passed… time has flown by.

    Shortly after gaining my learners I picked up a ZZR250 from TradeMe, crashed and not road legal for just under $1500. I bought a new top fairing and other parts ...
  7. AMCC Round 5 @ Hampton Downs

    The AMCC Round 4 was the first time back on the bike and I had a good, fun day so at Round 5 I was looking to get back into the groove and start shaving time off. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be.

    I had a bunch of things to sort out on the bike after Round 4, most of which were very minor. I looked at moving the footpegs a bit further rearward but it was only possible to move the back and up. I could barely get my feet on the pegs ...
  8. 2015 tt2000

    TT2000 2015
    The website with details of this years TT2000 was up and running in July 2014 with the injunction that you should make a coffee and then spend a couple of hours working through.
    This years version had a twist, as always, There was both a Northern and a Southern start and never the twain shall meet until the end in Christchurch.. also the starting time was 12 noon on the Friday not 6 pm, with the finish at 12 noon on Sunday in Christchurch. Lake the last year you worked ...
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