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  1. Aslan's Avatar
    Hi Koro J - great to read your blog and the positive tone about this community. Great to meet you in person at Rex and Lyn's - checked the pic of your ST - nice machine - cheers Aslan
  2. xwhatsit's Avatar
    Mmmm... I need new grips, want a shiny round headlight, indicators, rear shocks... speedo too...

    Lucky prick.
  3. KoroJ's Avatar
    Strange looking beast. I bet it corners like crap as well.
  4. Trudes's Avatar
    Good blog entry there, and you're right, it's amazing how when all the bitching and fighting is finished how Kiwibikers pull together as a 'family' when one of us needs a helping hand. Nice work.
  5. ambler's Avatar
    what a cool uncle!
  6. Toaster's Avatar
    Great read mate, Cheers.
  7. Toaster's Avatar
    Good on you two. Great plate for the car, and great for KB.
  8. Toaster's Avatar
    Interesting story Kittyhawk. Cheers.
  9. Panther's Avatar
    Good luck Sam!