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For the tiny weeny bikers amongst us

  1. Feeling the beauty of riding the perfect race

    Well the one last time ride I expected the last one to be wasn't and was followed by 2 practices and and 11/2 days of racing.

    This first practice was lots of heart leaping little thomas the tank engine's "I can do this, I can do this."

    The second practice was lets get some decent laps times and was more than happy with 46 sec laps (about a sec off my top consistent times)

    With first day weather packing up and I crashing I'd had enough and went home after ...
  2. Handlebars for 2007 Triumph Scrambler that fell over in the Chch quake

    Hi There
    My friend has a Truimph Scrambler 2007 which fell over during the recent quake. The fall has bent the handlebars.

    Does anyone know where to pick up a new or second hand one. The Truimph dealership in CHCH is out of action for the time being.

    All help appreciated.
  3. My new Steed! (15/01/2011)

    I think the week of 10-14 January is one of the slowest on record. After two painful days, it felt like Thursday. I wanted the week over as fast as possible, yet there were not enough hours to get everything done at work, that needed doing.

    If I wasn’t working, I was thinking about the new bike. If I wasn’t thinking about the bike I was finding cool pics on the internet or looking at parts (if anyone reads this… let it be a warning to you… its expensive and addictive, regardless of ...
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  4. Botany Honda Ride to Waingaro

    Saturday 20th November is the third Saturday of the month, and accordingly, Botany Honda’s monthly ride. Pitching up at 1445, not a rider to be seen. A quick check with Richard and it appears it’s him and I. In that case, he can wait, so I head over to the gas station to get some gas.
    Upon returning, there is now a big group of bikes waiting… excellent, the trick of leaving and them thinking it’s safe has worked. The plan would be perfect if I was leading them to their demise, but alas, that’s ...
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  5. New top end is here

    The new top end for my CBR125 bucket, which a it's head already assembled!! So now to the garage and time to re-build. I hoping this will give me 4 more HP.

    I have also fitted new adjustable rearsets with folding footpegs. The non folding pegs of the old adjustable sets always were in the back of my mind and slowed me down. After the last meet where I crashed, but finally got comfortable on my bike combined with the new footpegs will well and truly put those thoughts to rest.
  6. wanted suzuki TU50 streetmagic!

    anyone got one for horrendously cheap? need a run around for early in the morning (i go to the gym most mornings at about 5:30 and the neighbors and other people living with me are getting pissed off with the open mufflers on my TL)..will consider damn near anything.:-)

    alternatively a gn250 in decent condition wouldn't be too bad..just want something kick n' go.
  7. Apes and monkeys

    These bikes are road legal here. How is it in NZ? Do they even exist there?
    Like a lot of things here, there seems to be a bunch of people who are absolutely crazy about them, and spend loads of money doing them up. The bodywork on this one is all kinda gold... but it didn't seem in such great shape, making me crawl along behind him waiting to get a shot at the lights.
    This is a 'monkey' which is 50cc, you can see how small it is from ...