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  1. My Honda CBR400RRn NC29 Project Bike - Introduction

    I went crazy in the head a few months back as its been so long since I had a ride that I simply had to buy a bike. I am a bit of a fan of old school 400s and 250cc two strokes and often troll trademe and other online spots to see whats for sale out of curiosity (I am one of those people that watch auctions and don't bid often haha). While I was hunting a month of so back I came across a Honda CBR400RRN NC29 and the first thing that entered my head was the fun I had riding one at the dealership years ...
  2. does more than just commute

    a fun little trip down through port waikato and around that area --- Waikato river had overtaken Murray road, was a nice little diversion on the way out


  3. new commuter

    I was looking a long time for a new commuter, maybe a scooter, but then RedBarron had a special on the XTZ125 with a Ventura topbox @ $3200+ orc

    right off the bat, what a fantastic bike for tall riders (i'm 184cm / 90kg) and the Knee/seat position is very relaxed and comfortable, the handlebar height and grip is comfy, all better than my last 3 DRZs that I had raised bars and filed down pegs to lower the footing etc

  4. Paeroa Battle of the Streets 2017

    The lead up to the 2017 Paeroa Battle of the Streets was frantic, with lots of work being done on the bike.

    On the 10th February I did a track day with MotoTT to test out a couple of things. I finally had a steering damper mounted on the bike and Iíd also gotten hold of a gyroscopic mount for the camera, a couple of things Iíd been wanting to get sorted for quite a while.

    The steering damper had been quite a challenge. ...
  5. Windshield

    Recently fitted a windshield on a cruiser, now bike shakes like crazy at all speeds. Any suggestions.
  6. Piefinding on the RF

    great riding this time of year

  7. 2017 - 1st Up


    After getting back from Hamilton I had to drop the bike in for its 96,000 Km service ...even if it was a little late at 97,500 Km. That was an easy way to blow $600+ with a new air-cleaner, plugs etc, etc and although I'd bought a new front, expecting to fit it, that's still got a couple of thousand Km in it and the relatively new rear (5,000 Km) is looking worse ...but only on the sides thanks to some hard cornering on great roads.

    With that done and a nice ...
  8. 2016 In Review


    Itís been an odd year. I donít feel like Iíve done much riding due to weather and work, but the reality is that Iíve done few rides but a reasonable amount of Km.

    The year started with a 1,000 miler (1600 Km with Gray -! )

    Followed up with the biggest ride of my life in March, ( ...
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