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  1. Ah.....The Mini

    A bit of a different week this week. I went to the Osteo' for my regular 'grease & oil', attended the Cruisy Wednesday night ride over to the Royal and back, then had some whanau turn-up Thursday night and Friday for the 7's and Wiremu's (step-son) 21st.

    The weekend was spent watching a bit of 7's on TV, entertaining over the bar-b-que and a few beers, then washing the car and bike down on Sunday before going for a wee ride to visit an uncle and finished off with a pootle over 'the ...
    Personal entry
  2. The Miniís Return...9 Days of Biker Bliss!

    When this run was advertised in Feb/March 07, I, like many, thought it would be a good way to kill a few Kís, however, I did nothing at the time and although my intentions to participate fluctuated, my interest in the event never faltered and I keenly kept an eye on any info about itÖ..That is until Malcolm (Jantar), posted on KiwiBiker that he needed to sell his entry due to health problems. Well, being a ĎGood Samaritaní and all, I now had all the justification I needed and promptly set about ...
    Sport/Road Bikes
  3. Pamela the Bucket

    by , 13th April 2008 at 19:55 (The Excellent Adventures of.. Trudes)
    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Kendog View Post
    Well, Pammy has had a second run at the track and is being prepared for her third next weekend. I've been very impressed and happy with how she's been going and we've been getting faster together. There were a few things that needed some attention however.
    She now has much needed new to her forks and clip on handlebars which make her look real fast!!! (and hopefully not bottom out under braking!) Spent the day making a mount for a different brake caliper to fit the new forks etc and she got
  4. Confessions of a 40 year old racer

    Ok so ive had a go at this blog stuff/thing and given you all a piece of my mind not in the "im pissed off and angry" type of way but literally a piece of my mind which is a little scary because i am a little fucked in the head at times, 40 years of being a ginger and some of us get a slight inferiority complex hahaaaa anyway im putting myself out there.
    My last blog as you know touched on a few things, envy, timing, the recipe for greatness and coming into the racing scene at "half past ...
  5. Three Weeks Down

    So, no beer for three weeks and the training going well. Survived a night out on the piss last night being the designated driver and watching all around fall down drunk and talk bollocks.....brilliant entertainment.

    More to come no doubt and I was more than happy to scoff the left over feed up cos all the others were crook with booze this morning.

    Every cloud.....
  6. Parts are ordered

    Ordered from Hamilton Motorcycles

    2x Conrod Bolts - 5565115-001
    2x Conrod Nuts - 5565116-001
    1x Cam chain - 5565469-001
    1x Cam chain tensioner - 5565468-001
    1x Cam chain tensioner O ring - 5576910-001
    1x Clutch inner plate - 5565831-001
    1x Clutch spring - 5565827-001
    1x Bolt - 5565879-001
    1x Crankshaft oil seal - 5869461-001

    The part numbers are from the website ...
  7. Image Management/Censoring

    The Enhanced Attachment Uploading window (below) greatly improves your ability to manage your porn bike images.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	attachment_window.jpg 
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    Any time you upload attachments to posts, blogs, groups, albums or articles, you will see the upload window if you have "Enable Enhanced Attachment Uploading" set to on in your Forum Settings.

    From here you can upload new images, drag & drop images from existing folders or just manage your attachments/folders. Folders ...
    Image Attachments
  8. Motorcycle Emergency Braking

    Emergency Braking is a contentious discussion topic. Many people have different views - and often they are all right - in certain circumstances. Often views vary from country to country as different methods are taught, and people like to (rightly or wrongly) defend what they have learnt and practised over the years.

    What is emergency braking?
    Emergency braking is the act of bringing a motorbike to a complete halt in the minimum amount of distance.


    Updated 29th March 2010 at 08:23 by p.dath (Added info about wheel locking)

    General Bike Ravings , Survival Skills
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