• Christchurch protest ride - Dec 5th

    Christchurch protest ride
    Saturday Dec 5th

    Register your attendance here.

    Alright folks here it is, December the 5th there will be a protest ride starting from Izone Drive in Rolleston (there will be marshals to direct you to the start point) meeting from 10.30am.

    The reason we are starting in Rolleston is that hopefully the Timaru and Ashburton riders will be attending.
    We will be leaving around 12.00pm heading down Main South Rd, left into Main South Rd from the Sockburn roundabout, Riccarton Rd, Hagley Ave, Oxford Tce, Lichfield St then left into Manchester st, then left into cashel st and finishing in the city mall. There we will be met by a few MPs and others.

    It is time to step up the protest and make some noise, yes traffic will be held up but we have to start making ourselves heard and seen, we have done the quiet protest now it is time to show the Christchurch public we are not happy.

    I am also thinking of getting the learner riders and the scooters up front doing about 70kmh. This will still be legal as the police still won't help out but I am trying to get a meeting with the area commander for transport and say help out. I have heard there are some bikes with hazard lights if there is I need one to go right up front with hazards on, it would have to be a fairly experienced rider, if that is you can you PM me please so we can touch base and finalise it.

    I have e-mailed all the clubs I can think of I will be heading to some bike shops to hand out up posters and have got in touch with some contacts in the media, so what I am hoping and expecting is that we can do better then the last rally's as far as numbers is concerned. If you have t-shirts and banners then bring them and wear them, signs on your bike wouldn't be a bad thing either. If anybody is keen we should head to the Wheatsheaf for a get together after the rally.
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      sammcj -
      Some more CHCH action:

      ACC Public Equality Group Fundraiser BBQ
      23rd January - Repco Northwood

      Full A4 Flyer Printout Download -

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      Quote Originally Posted by The Pink Panther View Post
      I filmed the protest ride via helmet cam utube kept kicking me audio due to copy right jazz so finaly a sound up load. chase the link

      Agreed... very good.
      Especially as you follow Broomrider and myself into Izone Drive LOL Always nice to see ones-self "on the telly" as it were! hahahaaaa
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      Thread dredge !

      but I liked that music was good , ( you popped a mono! ,,,,I don't think i could have resisted either !!! )

      I know it has been said before, I understand , yes , but its a protest ride as in I am pissed off

      all fine and dandy , I know the reasons and respect them. I would have ridden slowly on that day too


      Slippery smith , has made his mind up and nothing short of the springbok tour will change it

      Thank you for the vid , most enjoyable !

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      Hehehehehehe That's my Vespa! Excellent Vid!