• Sunday 22 November - Auckland


    Sunday Breakfast/Brunch anyone?

    Where: Mission Bay

    When: Sunday November 22

    Time: 8:00am onwards

    Fancy a coffee and a bite to eat, while keeping this ACC issue in the public face? Join us for coffee and breakfast at Mission Bay. Get in early and find yourself a carpark. Yes folks a carpark. Make sure you have change for the parking fees if any. One bike per park please. Then take a leisurely stroll to the nearest cafe and get a coffee and something to eat. Take your time, relax, enjoy your brunch.

    Please find a park on the street front first, followed by the carpark opposite the Fish Pot Cafe, then moving down to the other one as numbers build. We will be assembling around the fountain to make a bit of noise, this will kick off at 8:30am. After the rebel rousing we will then be free to go and enjoy our brunch.

    If we do it right, there wont be any parking for cars available, highlighting the fact that if these bastards tax us off the roads, we will be forced to "drive" a car, and there will be no parking available anywhere. We also will be supporting the local businesses so they are not disadvantaged because of this protest action.

    At all times this will be a peaceful gathering, we are not out to upset anyone, we just want to make a point. Please ensure you do support the businesses after we have made our point. Talk to people about why we are so angry.

    Bring your noise makers, this one is going to be LOUD!

    Hand out leaflets to the general public letting them know we are fighting this fight for all of us, dont forget WHOS NEXT?

    A few rousing rounds of our battle cry from time to time would not go amiss either.


    Flyer in this post. Please print and distribute at liberty!

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