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    ESE's works engine tuner

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    . This is Thomas a Vietnamese race mechanic, you know that place where they have all those hot 50's and 125's are big bikes. Thomas, ESE's Race Team's Tuner is fettling number 9. adjusting the port timing for Taupo. Its hard to see but he has taped a degree wheel to the magneto flywheel...

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    Optimistic sellers

    Thread Starter: Rcktfsh

    This trader must be pretty hard to outdo as far as optimism goes. Bike has been on the market for a year now, wonder when the penny will drop he''s dreaming at that price. You'd have thought after a year he might have got round to the little bit of tlc required to get running. ...

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    New Biker Needs Help

    Thread Starter: Dharmbir

    Hi everyone, my first post on Kiwi Biker,glad to be here. I'm having hard time deciding what to buy for my first bike ever to commute and weekend fun, of course it has to be LAMS approved still nothing too high somewhere 150 to 300cc near $5k. As I only ridden 100cc bikes years ago and don't want...

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    Leather vs Fabric in a slide

    Thread Starter: rocketman1

    Saw on tv the other night this experienced rider saying that many riders get injured because when they crash and slide in fabric / synthetic jackets and pants, the fabric grabs the road an causes them to tumble instead of sliding, this causes many injuries that they would not have got had they...

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    2015 Africa Twin CRF1000L

    Thread Starter: nerrrd

    Confirmed. http://world.honda.com/news/2015/2150512CRF1000L-Africa-Twin/index.html?from=fb

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    Getting gear dry?

    Thread Starter: HEsch

    I've got Goretex riding gear, but, on days like Sunday (absolutely torrential rain - they ended up closing the Waikato Expressway at Mercer due to flooding), it still gets wet through . Simply too much moisture. I have a 2 hour drive every weekend, so I can't pick my riding time to suit the...

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    Its 2018 and I subscribed to a paper magazine today!

    Thread Starter: HenryDorsetCase

    I know, right? But I love paper magazines. I love getting them in the mail and then having a nice read on the khazi in the morning. Or the evening. I love the tactility of it and the frisson of excitement. I am thinking about re-subscribing to CYCLE WORLD again. Though their subscription...

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    Auckland fuel tax

    Thread Starter: SaferRides

    3 weeks and I still haven't paid a cent as I've been filling up in Northland or the Waikato. I thought they'd got me today, but Kaiaua is in the Hauraki District Council.

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    British Superbikes

    Thread Starter: Motig

    Sky is still in negotiations to show the Brit Superbike racing. Personally I hope they get it as I actually enjoyed it as much for the commentators as the racing.

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    KLF300B No spark and electrical issues (quad)

    Thread Starter: MarlinHemi

    Sorry to post another electrical problem thread but... i have recently acquired a klf300 with no spark and when I connect a power source the neutral doesn't come on and no power seems to get anywhere, i get 5ish volts to the coil an ignition switch when i spin the motor (by hand) but the battery...

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  • Round 3 NZ Superbike Series

    AMCC are hosting the 3rd round of the New Zealand Superbike National Series over the weekend 7th & 8th March at Hampton Downs.

    Entry form here - http://www.amcc.org.nz/index.php/men...onship-r3.html

    $20 Adult
    $5 kids over 5
    Under 5 free

    The racing in the South Island has been spectacular to say the least with many AMCC riders dominating their class. Come along and support this great series and watch the best the New Zealand has to offer bring it to the overseas riders doing their best to bring it to us
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Round 3 NZ Superbike Series started by Kiwi Graham View original post