• Next BIG Protest with StoneY and the Unions

    Ok everyone
    I have had a few people mention there is no defined thread for the NEXT PROTEST

    I have sevreal Unions on board for a big march on Parliament, and the wheels are starting to roll
    Dates set for 16th February, at this point its a logical date as the Corrections Union are having a march the week before, and some other group have one the week after so we get a finite window of oppotunity to pull this off.

    I have requested permission from the Speaker to enter the grounds en-masse on 16th February.

    This is about more than just Bikers but we want to have a strong presence there.

    I need about 3-400 bikers to attend on the day and make a visible presence at the front of the house, but this time speakers will all be Unionists and Academics and other disafeccted groups (is that the right term?)

    Its gonna take some work to pull it off again, and I am hoping we get the same support we got last time for the BIKEOI, but wont hold my breath.

    Anyone keen to help, PM me
    And I aint talking about handing out fliers, I mean WORK and responsibility for some of the organisation...(nearly killed myself the last time with exhaustion.)

    This iwll be along the same lines as the BIKEOI, peacefull but a strong message
    Want loads of signs, banners, and a good chant, one I think we have heard before, LOL

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    1. StoneY's Avatar
      StoneY -
      I seriously think its time to close this thread and start an ongoing ACC discussion thread
      Every time I see it title im disapointed....

      When I was a Union rep MY union was willing to walk out, tools down, fight the battle we needed to fight.
      Bikers stood up yet again on Tuesday, regardless of the issue(s)
      Many good friends in the crowd, and some who.... well...tollerate me (LOL)

      I was bitterly disapointed in the tiny numbers for the march but the Unions did do thier best with publicity, I still think it was the wrong approach should have been to the Delegates and got the word out on the floors and encouraged a negotiated stop work to attend (avoiding sickies for Mikes factory)

      Been a lot of flaming, toing, froing, swapping opinions, but its just a clutter now so what say someone smarter than me starts a better suited thread for the future of this topic and the site admins just close this one, huh?

      Salt and open wounds etc..........
    1. Bald Eagle's Avatar
      Bald Eagle -
      New thread being started now

      New thread here