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West Coast Road (North of Auckland)

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I was keen to go for a ride today, but alas my normal riding companions all had something on.

So I checked out kiwibiker, and saw there was a normal Sunday ride starting just north of Auckland from the Caltex on SH16.
I'm always a bit cautious about riding with new people, as I'm a bit risk adverse when riding. If someone wants some fun I'd rather they take off ahead, and I'll catch up in my own good time.

So I headed over and met up with yachtie10 and outforaduck. Both were quite a bit more experienced than me, but they didn't seem to mind.

We headed up SH16 and then through to a road I've never been on before, West Coast Road, which pops out by Wellsford (no, not the one in West Auckland).
Everyone was riding in a sensible and safe manner.

I would describe the road as needing intermediate skills and above. The road is sealed, but there are a couple of 30km/h corners, loose metal in several places, and clay and cow shit on the seal in places (this road could be lethal in the wet). If the road was wet then I would say you would need to be an advanced rider.
I would say the road is one of the more challenging I have been on so far.

outforaduck asked if I would like some tips, which I eagerly accepted. He gave me some great tips for improving my line through the corners, and tips on better throttle control. What a difference it made. Now I just need to spend some more hours using the new skills.

We stopped at Wellsford for a coffee and a chat, before heading back again.

I understand outforaduck and yachtie10 are regular attendees as the ATRN. So I might look a attending some time.

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