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Auckland Harbour Bridge

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I was riding over the AHB from the North Shore to Central Auckland this morning around 9am. The traffic was unusually heavy for that time, and while I was at the bridge apex it came to a complete stand still.

What a bonus. The view was great. But the wind - it was very blustery. While the bike is moving it doesn't seem so bad, but being stationery at the top of of the bridge was very notcable. The bike was being pushed from side to side.

Now I think I can appreciate what it is like for the Wellingtonians who have to deal with their bikes being blown over while parked.

Funny how the effects of the wind seems worse while being stationary.

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  1. rphenix's Avatar
    Yep it certainly bounces up there when stationary almost feels like a trampoline at times.
  2. R-Soul's Avatar
    When you are moving forward, the effective wind (think summing of vectors of wind from vehicle speed and wind speed) is angled more from the front (in a direction that your bike is more aerodamically suited to handle).

    I have pondered this a few times going over the AHB, wondering if I should slow down, or speed up for better stability.